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Top 15 SaaS Content Marketing Agencies in 2024

Toni Koraza
May 28, 2023
Top 15 SaaS Content Marketing Agencies in 2024

SaaS content marketing isn’t only publishing a monthly blog post and getting free trial signups or paid conversions. 

It requires extensive time on research, ideation, strategy and producing content. That content then needs distribution and promotion. If that isn’t enough, your team must track important KPIs and determine how your content strategy performs. 

Sound overwhelming? Do you feel like giving up because it requires too much time and effort? 

That would be the wrong move. According to research, SaaS companies that prioritize content marketing see higher growth results than those that don’t. 

Luckily, there’s an easy option - hiring a content marketing agency. 

But how do you select one with hundreds available on the internet? With much research, MADX brings you the top 15 SaaS content marketing agencies worth your money and time. 

What We Will Cover:

What is a SaaS Content Marketing Agency? 

A SaaS content marketing agency helps SaaS businesses generate stellar results from various content marketing efforts. 

These agencies specialize in the SaaS model and are well-versed in what strategies work for SaaS businesses and how they can create effective content campaigns.

The three important areas where SaaS content marketing agencies focus on are:

  • Strategy: The agency will start with understanding your product and the type of audience you’re targeting. They might also conduct competitor analysis. Based on these insights, they’ll draw an extensive strategic plan involving targeted keywords, the type of content they will create, a content schedule, KPIs, the purpose of each campaign, etc.
  • Content creation and promotion: The agency will create content once they finalize the plan. This involves writing the content, creating visuals and infographics, devising social media posts, creating lead magnet content, etc. Once they publish the content, they will distribute and promote it to get more traffic and engagement.
  • Analysis: Your agency must not stop at creating content for you. They are also responsible for giving you insights into what results each strategy is bringing for your SaaS business. This information helps to optimize your campaigns further.

Why Hire a SaaS Content Marketing Agency? 

You need to hire a SaaS content marketing agency for many reasons. 

But this one trumps it all – SaaS content marketing is complex. It’s no longer limited to publishing articles and waiting for results. 

By working with a dedicated agency, you can get access to a team that has helped several SaaS businesses and has the experience to take yours to the top. 

Here’s how our team at MADX helped Postalytics see 28X growth in their organic traffic. 

MADX organic traffic report

Here are four key benefits of working with an agency like ours:

  • Access to in-depth knowledge: As these agencies work daily with search engines and SaaS models, they know how everything works.
  • Understanding of SaaS marketing funnel: Experienced agencies know how to create specialized content for each stage in the SaaS marketing funnel, like TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU.
  • Reduced costs: Instead of hiring a full-fledged content marketing team and experimenting with strategies that might fail, you can save money by working with a content marketing agency.
  • Stay updated with the top trends: Content marketers in the SaaS industry must stay on top of current trends and algorithm changes. Your business can capitalize on these trends to rank higher and escape getting penalized by search engines like Google.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a SaaS Content Marketing Agency 

Now that you know how important hiring a content marketing agency is, here are six important factors you should consider before finalizing an agency. 

The Extent of the Agency’s Experience 

Before picking an agency, find out details like how long the agency has been working, how many clients it has onboarded, and what its team looks like. 

This gives you an idea of the agency’s experience and whether they can get results for your SaaS business. 

If this information isn’t readily available, you can ask them these questions via call or email. 

Any good agency will provide you with extensive details of these questions. 

Knowledge and Expertise in the SaaS Market 

Many content marketing agencies claim to be working in the SaaS field. The reason is simple – the SaaS market is growing, and everyone wants to be associated with it. 
But only a few agencies have the expertise, knowledge and industry experience with SaaS. 
To find out the agency’s real SaaS experience, you can:

  • Go through their website and see the companies they have worked with. You can learn more by surfing their “Customer Stories” section.
  • Check their testimonials section. Do they have any testimonials from SaaS companies? Or do they prominently feature companies from other industries?

Service Coverage 

Not every agency will take care of all your content marketing needs. 

For example, we call MADX a full-service SaaS SEO Agency. But many agencies only specialize in specific services such as email marketing, article writing, or social media marketing. 

If you want to target a specific niche in content marketing, like hiring an agency for writing articles only, you can opt for single-service agencies. 

But if you want to build a comprehensive content marketing strategy with SEO and other content campaigns, your best bet is hiring a full-service SaaS agency like MADX.  

Skills in Content Production 

You can hire a generalist agency for content creation. But if you want laser-focused SaaS content that brings conversions, you need creators with experience in the SaaS domain. 

These creators also understand the importance of research and tying the product’s features to the content. 

It’d be a great idea to shortlist the type of content you will be creating so that you can check if the agency has that kind of writer or designer. 

If you want to see the content the agency has already worked on, the best way is to go to the agency’s client list, shortlist SaaS companies, head over to their blog and check the quality of the content. 

Focus or Niche 

This shouldn’t be a hard-shot factor affecting your decision. But it’s always great to understand the agency’s clients and the kind of niche they are working for. 

This gives you a fair idea of whether the agency would be able to provide you with quality strategy and content in your niche. 

An easy way to find this is by accessing their client list or checking their case study section.  

Skills in KPI and Metric Reporting 

A good SaaS content marketing agency will be able to show you the results your content marketing efforts are bringing. 

They will deliver a comprehensive strategy and help you set goals and KPIs that track each part of the content campaign. 

Most agencies will also have reporting tools or access to tools like Google Analytics and Ahrefs that help showcase insights and reports. For example, you can keep track of the keywords your business is ranking for with Ahrefs, or you can routinely check if there’s an increase in website traffic with Google Analytics. 

Watch Out for SaaS Content Marketing Agency Red Flags! 

You don’t want to spend your valuable time and money on a content marketing agency that isn’t appropriate for you.

Here are three main red flags you should be aware of:

  • No SEO knowledge: While content marketing doesn’t always include SEO activities, your agency should know at least the basics. This will help you create content that actually impacts rankings and generate leads.
  • Project overload or project management issues: You don’t want to engage with a company that doesn’t regularly update you or doesn’t have proper project workflows. At the same time, ensure that your agency has the bandwidth to provide you with quality work and not half-baked strategies and content because they have taken on a lot of projects.
  • Ethical problems: While there will be a slight mismatch in your values or vision, ensure you agree on important issues like avoiding plagiarism, misleading content, or socially inappropriate content.

Top 15 SaaS Content Marketing Agencies in 2023 

We compared all the great content marketing agencies across all the essential factors to provide you with a top 15 list that helps you decide easily and quickly. 

Let’s start. 

1. MADX 

MADX website home page

MADX is a full-service SaaS agency that offers its clients many services, like SEO, content marketing, keyword research, technical optimization, etc. 

With our services, the main goal is to help software companies of all size to drive traffic and sales. 

What differentiates us from other agencies is that we focus on real business KPIs instead of vanity metrics, provide interactive ways to track results, and believe in product-led wins. 

Our motto is to bring our clients results in 90 days, not 2 years. 

For example, we helped Postalytics, a direct mail automation tool, to increase its organic traffic by 28 times in just one year. 

Main services: SEO, Content Marketing, Link Building, Keyword Research, Technical Optimization 

Location: London, U.K. 

Top clients: Postalytics, Veed.io, Brucira, Longvadon, GoodAnnotations 

2. Simple Tiger 

simpletiger website home page

Simple Tiger is an SEO agency focusing exclusively on SaaS and providing comprehensive services for SaaS businesses. 
The agency makes it a point to evaluate your business carefully before devising a strategy. 
They also offer SEO services so you can rest assured that your content marketing activities are backed by SEO and help in rankings and adhering to algorithm guidelines. 
They offer these SEO items as a complete solution or individually to address only your business's requirements.

Main services: Keyword Research, Technical Optimization, Content Marketing, Link Building 

Location: Sarasota, Florida 

Top clients: Bidsketch, Segment, JotForm, Crew, Bitly 

3. Kalungi 

Kalungi website home page

Kalungi calls itself the marketing agency for early-stage SaaS companies. It offers everything from content marketing to SEO and marketing audits. 
It also offers many other services apart from core content marketing. Their team has considerable experience in the SaaS domain, making it a good choice for businesses that want to avail services like infrastructure creation and other products they offer. 
They also help you hire a marketing team to carry out your activities in-house. 
If you’re a B2C SaaS business, you might want to consider other options in this list.

Main services: Content Marketing, SEO, Marketing Audit 

Location: Seattle, Washington 

Top clients: Beezy, Fraxion, LeadCrunch, Atera 

4. Uplift Content 

Uplift website home page

Uplift Content is yet another agency that specializes in B2B SaaS. They offer various content writing services for different mediums, such as blogs, ebooks, case studies, and white papers. 

The agency promises to write content for its clients that generates leads, boosts brand awareness, and gets growth within accounts. 

Many of their writers also have backgrounds in journalism which can be an added benefit for certain SaaS niches. 

Main services: Content Writing 

Location: United States 

Top clients: LeanData, WalkMe, Author-it 

5. Single Grain 

Single Grain website home page

Single Grain is a full-service digital marketing agency that works with both B2B and B2C brands. The agency also works with brands in different industries, and they don’t limit themselves to SaaS companies.

The agency has content specialists that help you create various types of content like blog posts, whitepapers, ebooks, case studies, landing pages, etc.

The team also takes time to understand your business and target audience before they assign a content specialist for you.

Main services: Content Marketing, SEO 
Location: Miami, USA 
Top clients: The Mom Project, Drift, Stream Labs, Nearpod, Nextiva 

6. Animalz 

Animalz website home page

Animalz provides full-range content marketing services and has extensive experience working with technology companies, startups, and software brands.

It follows a customized approach to business by building custom packages of services based on what you need for your business. They offer help with various content mediums like blog posts, conference presentations, landing pages, video scripts, etc. 

They also offer content auditing and site structure management to optimize and find improvements in your campaigns. 

Main services: Content Marketing, SEO, Link Building, Product Marketing 

Location: New York, NY 

Top clients: Google, Zendesk, Wistia, Airtable, NOOM 

7. Refine Labs 

Refine Labs website home page

Refine Labs, a full-service B2B marketing agency, helps businesses build a scalable funnel that keeps their pipeline full and helps generate more revenue. 

It follows a broad approach to business and thus does more than just focus on content services. For example, they analyze your funnel and pipeline to create strategies that help you achieve your business goals. 

They also follow a proper reporting model so you gain access to metrics that actually matter. 

Main services: Content Marketing, Demand Generation 

Location: Boston, Massachusetts 

Top clients: BeyondTrust, Dandy, Skuid, Algolia 

8. Codeless 

Codeless website home page

Codeless has worked with some of the top SaaS brands in the world to create and deploy content campaigns.

Their writers are subject matter experts working with various content types like blogs, video content, and other long-form content. 
Their custom workflow for each client consists of three stages: strategizing (keyword research, topic identification, ranking plan), producing (style guide creation, content outline, draft review), and optimizing (editing, CMS uploading and formatting, on-page search optimization). 
On top of this, they also help with things like backlinking and PR.

Main services: Search Marketing, Content Marketing 

Location: Iowa, USA 

Top clients: Monday.com, Zapier, Robinhood, Freshworks, ActiveCampaign 

9. NoGood 

no good website home page

NoGood is a growth marketing agency that helps SaaS brands develop and create content campaigns that bring results. 
They follow a five-step approach to creating and implementing strategies: discover, validate, commit, measure, and scale. 
As they focus on growth marketing, they offer many services besides content marketing, like performing customer research, performance branding, market analysis, etc. 
Their content team has experience working on various content formats and different companies. The team also audits, refines and refreshes content regularly to help establish authority in your industry.

Main services: Content Marketing, SEO, Performance Branding 

Location: New York, NY 

Top clients: TikTok, Intuit, Opera, Wework 

10. Grow and Convert 

Grow and Convert website home page

Grow and Convert is a content-focused SEO agency that can help with everything from content strategy to content distribution. 
They believe companies have a better chance of generating leads by targeting bottom-of-funnel keywords with high buying intent. Their strategies thus involve moving from BOFU to TOFU content.

The agency follows a four-step process: customer research, content strategy, content promotion, and attributed conversions. They also emphasize generating real-business results and not just traffic.

Main services: SEO, Content marketing 

Location: San Francisco, California 

Top clients: Smartlook, Aura, Rainforest, Helpspot 

11. Crowdcreate 

Crowdcreate website home page

Crowdcreate has been in the field since 2014 and has helped various companies achieve their growth goals.  
While the team doesn’t deal with all forms of content, the major types they offer are social media marketing, email marketing, PR marketing, video marketing, etc. 
They also help you connect with top influencers, investors, and thought leaders who can guide your business and help your project or tool grow. 
It’s important to note that the agency does not exclusively work with SaaS brands.

Main services: Content Marketing 

Location: California, USA 

Top clients: Casper, Forte, Lenovo, Jam City, Solana 

12. NinjaPromo 

Ninja Promo website home page

NinjaPromo is a digital marketing agency that provides multi-channel marketing solutions to elevate your business to the next level. 
The main industries they have catered to are B2B, SaaS, cryptocurrency, NFT, and various high-growth startup brands. 
Their team comprises creatives, code enthusiasts, and marketing masterminds to help create and deploy powerful content campaigns for your brand. The agency also makes it a point to understand the business and its audience before jumping on to the strategizing bit.

Main services: SEO, Content Marketing, Lead Generation, Branding, Web & mobile app development. 

Location: London, UK 

Top clients: Dash, Dopamine, Decent, Hycon, Huobi 

13. Contentki 

Contentki website home page

Contentki is a dedicated content marketing agency with a team of content strategists with high-quality writing skills. 
They help you devise a strategy, produce the content, and show you effective ways to distribute it and make it appear in front of the right audience. 
The team also aims to provide a reader-friendly copy with natural references to your SaaS tool. Their brand values (responsiveness, on-time delivery, and honesty) make this agency a great choice.

Main services: Content Marketing, SEO, Link Building, Lead Generation 

Location:  Poland

Top clients: LiveChat, UXPin, Levity, Sentione, Live session 

14. Ironpaper 

Ironpaper website home page

Ironpaper is a B2B growth agency that also provides content marketing services under its portfolio of services.

Their goal with this service is to offer better lead generation, engagement, education, and action throughout the sales funnel. The team helps you build a strategy. Once that is done, they can start working on various forms of content like blog posts, landing pages, ebooks, and other interactive content. 
They promise to focus on marketing results that matter to your business instead of focusing on vanity metrics.  

Main services: Content Marketing, Lead Generation, ABM 

Location: New York, NY 

Top clients: PCS Software, Goddard, Shell, Crossfit 

15. Bay Leaf Digital 

bay leaf digital website home page

Bay Leaf Digital is a SaaS marketing agency that helps SaaS brands grow through various marketing channels, including content marketing. 
They cater to SaaS companies at all growth stages, be it a pre-product market fit company, a startup, or companies transitioning from on-premise to SaaS. 
They look at three aspects of content marketing while creating content for your company: the ability to attract, educate, and engage your users, improve customer experience with educational content, and grow brand and thought leadership.

Main services: SEO, Content Marketing, Marketing Automation, Website Refresh & Maintenance 

Location: Bedford, Texas 

Top clients: Intuit, Acctivate, VHT, Angies List 

Final Thoughts 

Choosing the right content marketing agency for your SaaS business can give you incredible results. But to make the right choice, you need to consider important factors like the agency’s experience, success stories, alignment with your goals and budget. 

If you are still unsure, hop on a call with MADX experts. We will help you understand the services you’ll require and how we can help you with your content marketing strategy. 

Before you do that, here are some milestones we have achieved for our clients. 

How we 28x’d Postalytics’ organic traffic in under a year?  

How Good Annotations secured 300 new backlinks in 90 days? 

How Longvadon grew organic site traffic by 277% in a few short months? 

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