How Longvadon grew organic site traffic by 277% in a few short months

How Longvadon grew organic site traffic by 277% in a few short months



277%% traffic growth in 6 months


600% more organic keywords


2,300/mo in organic traffic generated by the top article


Longvadon is a growing luxury Apple accessories brand. It tells the story of two French brothers combining their love for modern tech and the lifestyle associated with the French Riviera. You know, the calm, peaceful, and untroubled style of a good life.

”...It was all either cheap knockoffs or the few extremely expensive options offered by Apple and its partners.” - Robin, the co-founder.

Sometimes, having a good product and a marketing strategy is not enough.

We have worked with Longavdon on creating compelling content that helps their customers maintain, match, and care for their full-grain leather products.

What we've done

1. Strategic Discovery

2. Writing content for Apple enthusiasts

3. Optimizing content for search engines

The Results?

Screenshot showing Longvadon's organic traffic and organic keywords

MadX writers have produced top-ranking blog pages for Longavadon. Several months after writing, publishing and promoting, the pages have secured top-ranking positions on Google and other search engines.

  • Traffic grew by 277%% in a few months
  • Leading article generates 2,100 organic monthly visits
  • Longvadon now ranks for 600% more organic keywords

More results are on the way

Longvadon is a growing brand. Apple's accessories market is a big place. This is a match made in heaven. Customers love Longavadon and want to decorate and protect their watches, earbuds, and phones with high-quality leather.

Our mission is to help more fashion enthusiasts discover Longvadon's website.

Longvadon asked aus to help

— Write helpful content people want to read

— Generate press and drive traffic to the website

— Help customers find the best way to match, pair, and wear leather accessories‍

Writing compelling and targeted content was crucial to introduce Longvadon to a wider audience of Apple Watch enthusiasts.