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Why Choose MADX: Your Leading SaaS SEO Agency

Perry Steward
August 11, 2022
Why Choose MADX: Your Leading SaaS SEO Agency

As more SaaS products compete for the same users, it has become crucial for SaaS businesses to hire the right SaaS SEO agency.

We're somewhat different from an everyday SEO agency, you can even read our guide about some of the best SaaS SEO agencies to compare us to. 

In this article, I'll show you how MADX can help you stand out, grow your user base, and drive meaningful change within your field.

What we’ll cover:

1. We focus on real business KPIs

Organic traffic and ranking positions are a great story for cocktail parties but we know that businesses need more than vanity metrics for long-term success.

That's why we focus on real business KPIs such as SQLs, paid accounts, and conversion rates. Most SEO agencies tend to focus on short-term traffic growth so they can brag about it on their websites.

At MADX, we drive traffic and rankings for our clients but focus primarily on business impact and real growth.

2. We have built successful SaaS products

SaaS is in our digital bloodstream. Our founders have been building successful SaaS products before founding MADX. And nothing beats such experience. We can connect with the product team and walk in founders' shoes, because we've done it so many time before.

Hiring a SaaS SEO agency will help you save time, money and expedite long-term growth. We understand SaaS specific marketing strategies that drive signups and get users excited about trying the paid product.

3. We provide interactive ways to track results

Forget about complicated spreadsheet that only analysts and SEO experts can understand. We'll create easy-to-read reports that you can share with just about anyone. This will help you understand the real return on your investment with MADX.

At MADX, we build interactive reports, not just awkward link lists and spreadsheets. You'll get access to MoM, QoQ and YoY changes in conversions, rankings, and traffic among other KPIs. We then analyse everything and set the stage for a fruitful discussion with the stakeholders about the future.

Want to see one of our reports? Get in touch.

4. We create SEO growth models

Instead of giving you dry spreadsheets with keywords and search volumes, we built growth models that you can share with the sales teams, product teams, and CFO.

We'll work closely with you to understand and build custom SEO models:

  • Real potential for future signups and revenue
  • Conversion impacts and improvements
  • Best efforts to improve link building
  • Long-term ROI on SEO investments

Want to know more? Get in touch.

5. We care about topical relevance and authority

Topical relevance and authority is the cornerstone of successful SEO. We focus on creating relevant content, optimising old and boosting domain authority. These ingredients are essential for SaaS SEO success.

We carefully partner up with websites and media companies that talk about topics that are relevant to your SaaS products, and nothing else. Relevancy is the key.

We avoid low-quality content mills, PBNs and questionable cooperations. This is important to future-proof your position with search engines and users.

Instead of hacking the system, we deliver value.

6. Get results in 90 days, not 2 years

Long term cooperations is key to healthy growth but we won't ask you to trust us for a couple of years before you see tangible results. Our clients and their users see measurable results within the first three months.

While SEO seeds take time to fully develop and grow, your SaaS business will get more traffic and qualified leads long before the changes fully take effect. Neil Patel and other top-tier digital marketers' agree that SEO results should take months, not years.

7. We build short, mid, and infinite-term wins

SaaS SEO is full of so called "low-hanging" fruits. These are easy changes that offer fast wins. However, SaaS SEO is more than foraging and picking up fruits. We also plant entire forests and build sustainable ecosystems that will yield results for years to come.

Agricultural metaphors aside, we'll help you reach MRRs, ARRs and other targets, while staying on track with long-term goals. And because these goals lead on different roads, we balance short, mid and long-term wins so you can report short-term positives while knowing that we're on the right path for sustainable success and SEO compounding.

At MADX, we work together to ensure our cooperation goes beyond the short-term wins but also stays on course with sustainable growth and long-term success.

8. We're product-led all the way

We work closely with product teams to establishing the best-in class user experience starting from the first touchpoint to scale. Such product-led teams build multi-billion dollar SaaS businesses. We'd love to support your journey to delivering impactful change.

9. We strive to give back

We work hard to become a vehicle of positive change. For every bit of profit we make, we search for charities, and engage in activities that will rebuild our planet and help those in need.

If you have an organisation or a cause that you think we should look into, get in touch today.

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