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Hiring a SaaS Marketing Agency: 3 Important Questions to Ask

Toni Koraza
August 13, 2022
Hiring a SaaS Marketing Agency: 3 Important Questions to Ask

Users can choose from the sea of SaaS products every day. 

This is why it’s essential to find the right SaaS marketing agency. Armed with expert support, your SaaS stands a chance of driving impact, generating more SQLs, and improving conversions. But with so many marketing agencies out there, it can be rather difficult to find one that understands the SaaS markets, challenges, and dynamics. In addition, founders and VPs want to ensure that marketing spend generates ROI-positive and sustainable results.

So, how to choose the right marketing agency for SaaS? Here are a few questions to get you started.

What we’ll cover:

Questions to ask before hiring your SaaS marketing agency

  1. What is the agency’s approach to SaaS marketing?
  2. How does the agency measure success for its clients?
  3. What are the agency’s qualifications and credentials?

1. What is the agency’s approach to SaaS marketing?

When it comes to SaaS marketing, agencies need a savvy approach.

Good strategy works for you and your customers, solving common headaches.

For example, with so many SaaS companies competing for the same stock of keywords, ad space becomes expensive. So SaaS organic marketing has become more popular because:

  • One single blog post can generate revenue for years to come.
  • One single landing page can generate organic leads for years.
  • One video can go viral and propel your company to stardom.

However, organic marketing might not be the right for your stage of development. SaaS marketing agencies have to understand a few things:

  1. What’s your product market fit
  2. What will drive the most impact right now
  3. How to set the stage for sustainable success

If the agency doesn’t attract the right traffic, leads, and SQLs, you may hurt your reputation and alienate your customers. In the end, your bottom line will hurt.

Your SaaS marketing agency has to have a solid and robust understanding of how the web works and know how to present a documented strategy for providing unfair advantages in competitive markets.

Find a marketing agency that’s not a typical run-of-the-mill organization. Read more about why MADX is a different kind of SaaS marketing agency.

2. How does the SaaS marketing agency measure success?

In the age where digital marketing is king, the way agencies measure success should reflect your needs.

Do you want more qualified leads? 

Do you want to improve conversions?

Do you want to deliver a better on-site user experience?

All of the above and more? The SaaS marketing agency you hire needs to measure the success in a way that will benefit your business. For example, many agencies report better traffic numbers and Google rankings, but these often distract from relevant KPIs.

The SaaS marketing agency should have a clear overview of essential KDPs. Every business is different, and one strategy to measure success usually doesn’t fit all labels. For example, Postalytics needs the right kind of traffic to generate more free accounts. 

The agency should understand what success means for your SaaS brand and then religiously measure those KPIs.

3. What are the SaaS marketing agency’s qualifications?

SaaS marketing agency’s track record and reputation can tell you if they’re the right hire. 

Read through testimonials. Check their content and talk to someone who’s worked with them before.

Once you’ve done your due diligence, ask the agency representatives directly about their track record. Listen carefully to see if their story would match with everything you’ve read earlier. If they present themselves in a way that makes you feel safe but excited about the future, maybe you’ve found the right ones.

Anyone can set up a version of their own “SaaS marketing agency” nowadays. But real experience and representation are crucial for marketing development and real growth. If a SaaS marketing agency can’t represent itself, then it will hardly represent your business.

Sometimes, all you need is to stay away from the wrong type of people to grow. So, look out for agencies with good content and a reputation for getting things done.

Asking your SaaS Marketing agency the right questions is essential for:

  • Prevent costly mistakes
  • Establishing trust
  • Propel your growth
  • Avoiding common pitfalls

If you’ve been looking for a SaaS marketing agency to help you with your business but don’t know where to start, MADX can help you. Get in touch today or read more about why choose MADX to market your SaaS products. Users have more SaaS options than ever, so choosing the right SaaS marketing agency is crucial to stand out and connect with ideal customer profiles (ICPs).

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