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41 Best Growth Hacking Marketing Agencies for 2024

Toni Koraza
February 26, 2024
41 Best Growth Hacking Marketing Agencies for 2024

Sean Ellis and Andrew Chen popularized the term “growth hacker,” way back in 2010. 

Back then, the term meant pursuing users and growth, and one of the prime ways they did it was by offloading a major part of the marketing function to the product. 

Soon in 2017, Slack put growth hacking into action. In 4 years, the app went from 0 to 4 million active daily users and a $4 billion valuation.

As a link-building and full-service SaaS SEO agency, we have witnessed similar growth hacking stories firsthand. Whether you’re a startup or an established company wanting to reach a new audience, growth hacking agencies can help you.

Let’s get started!

What we’ll cover:

What is a growth hacking agency?

A growth hacking agency helps you build strategies that bring fast, scalable, and sustainable growth to your business. Analytics, data, and insights back these strategies so that they are laser-focused and proven to bring results.

To craft strategic moves, these agencies look at all aspects of your digital and traditional marketing methods through the growth lens.

For example, a growth hacking agency may help you find bottlenecks in your email marketing strategy and help increase conversions. At the same time, they might also help you understand how to create effective content to bring more traffic to your website.

What companies hack growth?

Growth hacking agencies can help companies of all kinds and sizes. From startups and small businesses to established enterprises, growth hacking strategies can prove effective for all of them.

Here’s an interesting case study of how Hotmail used a growth hacking tactic.

When Hotmail started, they found that advertising was too expensive. So they put a text like, “PS I love you. Get your free E-mail at Hotmail” at the bottom of every email sent from their platform.

No doubt it was a little corny, but it set the stage for many companies to follow that made use of the same tactic. For example, “Sent from my iPhone.”

This way, Hotmail could freely advertise its product with the help of its users, and soon, it started acquiring 3000 new signups every day. This led to a mammoth 1 million users in just 6 months; five weeks later, they hit the 2 million mark.

Why do I need a growth hacker?

There are many benefits to hiring a growth hacking agency. Here are five of them:

  • Discover new product ideas and business models: Many companies like Airbnb, Twitter, and LinkedIn have seen that a small growth hack could result in millions of downloads and conversions. A growth hacking agency can help you find those hidden ideas.
  • Find data-driven strategies: Instead of relying on your gut, growth hackers help you discover proven strategies.
  • Suits various goals: Whether you’re looking to increase conversions or tap into a new market, growth hackers can help you strategize.
  • Identify loops of growth: You can get access to growth hacks that are not only quick but sustainable as well.
  • Helps you embrace growth mentality: Choosing growth means letting go of many of your preconceived notions. Growth hackers help you adapt to that mindset.

How much do growth hacking agencies charge?

There’s no fixed price. Depending on the kind of services you require, your charges may vary. For example, the charges for a one-time content strategy plan may vary drastically from a monthly commitment.

Your charges might also vary from agency to agency. Some may charge you a premium for their offerings, while others might provide you with various plans.

You can get a rough estimate by contacting your shortlisted agencies.

41 best growth hacking agencies

Here’s a list of some of the best growth hacking agencies that have helped many successful companies rise to the top. 

1. MADX Digital


MADX Digital is a full-service SEO agency that helps businesses of all kinds scale conversions and achieves their growth goals. We have worked with various companies like VEED, Postalytics, Longvadon, Brucira, and many more. Our team works closely with businesses to craft strategies that help increase metrics like conversions, ARR, activations, signups, and search engine rankings. We also provide the necessary tools to take your business to the next level.

Services: SEO Coaching, Full-service SEO, Link building

2. Deviate Labs

Logo Deviate Labs

Founded by a rocket scientist and a Silicon Valley investment banker, Deviate Labs is a growth-hacking consulting agency that works majorly with ecommerce companies and many brands seen on Shark Tank. What it does best is mix up marketing tactics across industries and deploy them in large-scale enterprises. They are known for their out-of-the-box creativity levels and are the reason behind the success of names like Dollar Shave Club and Lollaland.

Services: Web Design, Advertising, Conversion Optimization, Online Marketing 

3. NoGood

logo NoGood

Focused on building scalable, sustainable, and predictable growth, NoGood offers a range of services for its clients. They have a team of data scientists, creatives, growth hackers, and performance marketers to deliver great results. They have expertise in healthcare, fintech, B2B, SaaS, ecommerce, and crypto. Their client list includes great names such as TikTok, Nike, Amazon, P&G, and Intuit.

Services: Social Ads, CRO, SEO, Online Marketing, Performance Branding

4. GrowthRocks

Logo GrowthRocks

With the tagline “Sky is not the limit,” GrowthRocks is a growth-hacking marketing agency that helps organizations achieve rapid and sustainable growth at different stages. While they have their headquarters in London, they also have global partners in different locations like India, Greece, Finland, and the US. They help you achieve product-market fit, devise product launch campaigns, get early startup traction, and accelerate growth.

Services: Product-led growth, Online Marketing, SEO, Social media, performance marketing

5. Right Side Up

Logo Right Side Up

Right Side Up’s services are separated into three main categories: offline marketing, digital marketing, and ecommerce marketing. They help you develop customer acquisition strategies, find product market fit, solve attribution challenges, scale teams, conceptualize creative campaigns, and more. They have worked with companies such as Ethos, Fitbit, Ideo, Kabbage, Mind Snacks, and Yelp.

Services: Marketing Strategy, Conversion Optimization, Product Marketing

6. Ladder

Logo Ladder

Ladder is a marketing agency that uses machine-learning technology to guide its strategies and deploy and track campaigns. They provide you with a full-funnel strategy and performance solutions. They also believe in a lean approach so that you can drive growth with minimal investment using their minimum viable test. Their client list includes buzzy names like Facebook, Nestle, and Booking.com.

Services: SEM, CRO, Marketing Strategy

7. Rockboost

Logo Rockboost

Rockboost is a growth hacking agency that majorly works with late-stage startups to help them increase revenue and users through their growth framework and strategies. Apart from their growth hacking services, they also offer custom software solutions, in-house training, and workshops for professionals and students. Some of their clients include Havi, Cisco, Dura Vermeer, and Yeaz.

Services: Strategy, Online Marketing, Data & Customer Intelligence

8. Growth Media

Logo Growth Media

With a mission of helping scale businesses that make a difference in people’s lives, Growth Media has a team of user-experience designers, marketing professionals, and full-stack developers. The agency focuses on key growth elements like agile product development, rapid experimentation, and iteration. They also specialize in advertising marketing options such as Google Adwords, Bing ads, and social media ads. 

Services: Performance Marketing, Data Analysis, Product Strategy

9. Bammboo

Logo Bammboo

With the tagline “Your fastest road to sustainable growth,” Bammboo offers businesses a special mix of lean startup methodology, growth hacking, and design thinking to catalyze growth. They guide every strategy with data and insights and are also known to invent new loops, channels, and tactics. The agency also offers “Growth Sprints” where they partner with an existing marketing agency for intensive testing and optimization.

Services: SEO, Social Ads, Online Marketing, CRO, Product Marketing

10. GrowthGirls

Logo GrowthGirls

Established just a few years back, GrowthGirls offers its digital marketing services for different industries and companies at different growth stages. They help you create strategies for four key areas: acquisition, activation, retention, and revenue. It is also a woman-owned agency that embraces diversity and is always looking to empower women and their businesses. Some of their clients include Sundance, Lana Bank, Flock, and Rachel Cho.

Services: Online Marketing, Social Media, CRO, Performance Marketing

11. P3 Media

Logo P3 Media

P3 Media is a growth hacking agency known to serve ecommerce brands. It provides end-to-end creative, growth, and technology solutions for ecommerce companies. It is also a vetted Shopify partner recognized for its platform expertise and deep industry partnerships. They also regularly publish industry insights, so they are in touch with what’s happening in the ecommerce world. Some clients they have served are Amercian Express, Beam Suntory, and Helix.

Services: Web Design, Online Marketing, Strategy, Creative

12. Papertoaster

Logo Papertoaster

Papertoaster exclusively serves startups and SMEs majorly in Southeast Asia and has served companies since 12 years. They also offer certain products for ecommerce brands. Unlike other agencies, Papertoaster is known to help companies grow through networking and fundraising. They also occasionally hold workshops and webinars to share the knowledge they gained through successful campaigns. 

Services: SME, Online Marketing, Analytics

13. GrowthMasters

Logo GrowthMasters

GrowthMasters serves B2B clients and helps them achieve their growth goals through LinkedIn funnels. They call this method the “Content Machine Method.” With this method, they help you build an audience through effective and viral content that places your brand in the top 5% of creators on LinkedIn. Most of their clients are CEOs, consultants, and C-level executives, and they also offer a flat fee and monthly pricing options.

Services: Customer Acquisition, Consulting

14. Solid Digital

Logo Solid Digital

Solid Digital is not your ordinary growth hacking agency. With a major focus on web design and creating memorable online experiences for your customers, the agency helps your website align with your brand. They have also won numerous awards for their web design and UX services. Depending on your goals and requirements, the team also helps you craft a proper digital strategy.

Services: Web Design, App Development, Digital Strategy

15. GrowthHit

Logo GrowthHit

GrowthHit offers its clients a range of growth hacking services with a focus on increasing client revenue and ROI. They do this by understanding your entire sales funnel to find that ideal solution for success. You can also access products like growth templates, one-day design, and a well-crafted growth program. The agency serves many industries like healthcare, ecommerce, fitness, beauty, fashion, etc. 

Services: CRO, SEO, Online Marketing

16. Swidia

Logo Swidia

Swidia offers a specialized growth hacking team that has experience scaling users for consumer startups. The three ways their team helps you do that are: acquire users through performance marketing, drive action with champion creatives, and launch new ventures through tested and proven growth approaches. You’ll also get access to their advisory board which features senior execs, veterans, and startup legends.

Services: Performance Creative Testing, Online Marketing, Growth Advisory

17. Unmuted

Logo Unmuted

Unmuted is a growth marketing agency that serves B2B clients and helps them set up marketing systems to get their proposition in front of customers before, during, and after sales. They also help you set up engagement programs to retain your customers. This service is called the Growth Program, and they charge a monthly retainer fee for the same. 

Services: Online Marketing, Sales Pipeline

18. Growfusely 

logo Growfusely 

A content and growth marketing agency, Growfusely focuses on helping SaaS businesses achieve their growth goals purely with content marketing services. It helps you with content creation and production and crafting a promotion strategy for your content. In addition to content for your website, they also provide social media services. Some of their clients include Wrike, Quire, and Push Monkey.

20. Tuffgrowth

Logo Tuffgrowth

The team at Tuff offers you tailored growth solutions instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. They believe that growth is a process and not an outcome and thus help you build sustainable strategies. After looking through your data and conducting a meeting with you, they’ll provide you with three growth strategies that suit your business the best. While they work with different industries and company sizes, their expertise lies with startups, ecommerce, and B2B companies. 

Services: Online Marketing, SEO, Advertising

21. BAMF Media

Logo BAMF Media

Through LinkedIn storytelling and influencer marketing, BAMF Media helps you achieve your growth goals. They also have a Facebook group of over 18,000 marketers who are experts in community building and virality. Over the years, they have tried-and-tested various LinkedIn growth approaches and thus are in a position to help entrepreneurs and businesses of all kinds get viral with their posts on LinkedIn. Some of their clients include Bear Squeeze, Unicorn Snot, and Mind valley.

Services: SEM, Online Marketing

22. Inbound Labs

Logo Inbound Labs

Inbound Labs helps businesses build websites, apps, and integrations for HubSpot to combine them with full-serviced marketing. With their service, you are set on the right path to achieving your growth goals. Their team consists of 50 agents, including engineers, strategists, and creatives, led by some great entrepreneurs in 10 different countries. Signature, DripDrop, Protenus, and Canopy are some of its clients.

Services: Full-service marketing, HubSpot integrations

23. Dapper Rhinos

Logo Dapper Rhinos

Dapper aims to maximize growth for impactful brands, and they are known to develop creative solutions instead of following a rigid approach to growth. They also continuously experiment with new and different channels to maximize impact, beat the crowd, and help companies grow. Their team consists of in-house experts that have worked in a wide range of sectors to help you develop customized growth strategies.

Services: B2B Marketing, Growth Audit

24. Growth Hakka

Logo Growth Hakka

Growth Hakka is a full-service growth hacking agency with experience executing data-driven, successful, and growth-oriented campaigns for startups, small businesses, and MNCs. The six principles that guide their campaigns are automation, marketing, product, technology, creatives, and data. They have served companies in various industries such as ecommerce, automotive, beauty, media, legal, and fintech. Their client names are CampKerala, Klinik Healthcare Solutions, and Tapmydata.

Services: CRM, Online Marketing, Strategy 

25. Avaus

logo Avaus

Avaus is a growth hacking agency with headquarters in Finland that has become a Nordic leader in data-driven marketing. It helps B2B and B2C clients drive marketing effectiveness and customer value. The agency calls itself a transformation partner that helps build personalized customer experiences and implement technical, analytical & organizational capabilities. Some companies they have worked with are Telia, McDonald's, Sanoma, and Telenor.

Services: Strategy, Data & Analytics, Technology Capabilities

26. Growthcurve

Logo Growthcurve

Growthcurve promises to be the modern alternative to hiring an in-house marketing team or a bunch of agencies. Their mission is to make world-changing companies grow easier with growth marketing. Their services help you grow your customer base, revenue, and influence. They ensure that all the marketing tactics are focused on core business goals and thus help you achieve quick but sustainable results. 

Services: CRO, Creative & Design, Marketing

27. Growth Shop

logo Growth Shop

Established recently, Growth Shop entered the market by critically thinking about a smarter, better, and much faster way of creating growth. Their team consists of growth marketers, data analysts, and designers. They follow a four-stage approach that involves analysis of your funnel, growth sprints, optimization, and scale. You can be sure that they’ll do a lot of data analysis and testing to develop growth strategies.

Services: D2C Marketing, Strategy, Product Alignment

28. Voxturr

Logo Voxturr

Voxturr deals with all kinds of companies, be it startups, SMBs, or Fortune 500 companies. Voxturr’s CEO  has a strong background in product development and growth hacking and thus helps craft tailored business strategies. They also have a team of subject matter experts that provide a wide range of services and creative solutions. Some of their clients are Himalaya, Tata, AskMe, and Zeeva Clinic.

Services: Advertising, PPC, Email Marketing

29. We Are Off the Record

Logo We Are Off the Record

We are off the Record exclusively works with early-stage startups and new corporate projects. They help these companies validate ideas, achieve product-market fit, and scale quickly. They will assign a growth team for your business right from the start, involving performance marketers, data analysts, and a head of growth. You’ll also receive a weekly report of your OKRs, current performance, and product backlog.

Services: Strategy, Data & analytics

30. Rainmakers

Logo Rainmakers

Rainmakers is a growth agency with a team of experts from various marketing disciplines like growth hacking, onboarding specialists, and data science. They also have a strong background in user retention, engagement, CRO, and PR hacking. The major service they provide is social media.  They have 15 years of experience and have worked on 73 projects.

Services: PPC, SEO, Online Marketing, Social Media

31. Bell Curve

Logo Bell Curve

Bell Curve is a creative growth agency that helps businesses increase lifetime value, acquire customers, and build a brand moat. After years of working for businesses, the growth marketers at Bell Curve also spend time training others, giving lectures, and co-working on books with other authors. While they offer a range of services, they mostly specialize in ads, B2B, ecommerce, and mobile. 

Services: User Acquisition, Landing Page Optimization, Marketing

32. EmberTribe

Logo EmberTribe

EmberTribe opts for a lean setup and follows an unconventional approach to business. They help you build marketing systems around paid traffic to provide your business with sustainable and scalable growth. They also have a YouTube channel where they talk about different things like tactical email marketing and brilliant ads. They have worked with clients from industries like health, apparel, home goods, education, and SaaS.

Services: Online Marketing, Ecommerce, Advertising, Creatives 

33. CRO Metrics

Logo CRO Metrics

The CRO Metrics team has worked with some of the biggest names in the world with a major focus on paid advertising and A/B testing. They pride themselves on building experiment-led growth that is scalable. They begin by understanding your business, KPIs, and customers to develop a hypothesis to test. They also run data analysis and iteration to measure the performance of their strategies and experiments.

Services: CRO, Paid Search, Analytics, Personalization

34. MAD Kings

Logo MAD Kings

MAD Kings aims to unlock your business’s true growth potential by using a powerful and strategic combination of CRO, data, creative marketing, and automation. They make a case for growth hacking and full-funnel processes to have higher ROI than mere awareness campaigns. They offer complete customer journey optimization and aim to be the leader in speed for their clients. The process they follow involves ideation, prioritization, execution, and analysis. 

Services: Growth Audit, Performance Marketing, Growth Facilitation

35. Wallaroo

Logo Wallaroo

One of the oldest growth marketing agencies, Wallaroo provides their services majorly to ecommerce brands. They provide constant communication, transparent reporting with live dashboards, and goals and KPIs aligned with your needs to help you scale. While they offer full-service digital marketing solutions, their prime focus is social media advertising and branding.

Services: Online Marketing, Advertising, Analysis, SEO

36. Uno Digital

Logo Uno Digital

Uno Digital has a team of multistage growth hackers that offers you their services at every stage of the growth cycle. They help you find the most efficient ways to grow your business, like getting more leads for your sales team, getting more users for your digital platform, and creating a bigger audience for your brand. The agency also makes use of different tools to test various growth strategies for your business

Services: CRO, Digital Strategy 

37. OrangePegs

Logo OrangePegs

OrangePegs focuses on providing an agile methodology for growth for startups, professional services firms, software companies, staffing firms, and other B2B organizations. The agency adopts a hybrid model of growth hacking and inbound marketing to provide a different yet proven approach to growing businesses. You can also opt for their growth quiz on their website to see where your business stands.

Services: Sales enablement, Strategy, Inbound marketing

38. Digital Intent

Logo Digital Intent

An advisory and product development firm, Digital Intent provides you with a unique, cross-functional team that provides advice on growth diagnostics, growth data, growth portfolio designs, and a lot more. They also help you reduce market adoption risk by adopting a rigorous venture capital approach that finds product market fit and helps you scale. Some of their clients include KPMG, Optum, Kindred, and SAP

Services: Product Strategy, Mobile Development, Online Marketing

40. Superbolt

Logo Superbolt

With the tagline, “We drive long term growth for brands that matter,” Superbolt focuses on brand launch, D2C expansion for retail, and rapid growth with advertising. They help you drive growth through your marketing funnel, build brand equity, and provide critical data and insights. Some of their clients are Aurate, Harmless Harvest, and Natura.

Services: Data Analysis, Acquisition Marketing, SEO

41. Klint Marketing

Logo Klint Marketing

A growth marketing agency, Klint Marketing majorly works with technology and education companies and helps them scale. The team there approaches growth marketing with a blend of creative and data-driven decisions. They also help you optimize tools, channels, and your overall marketing system so that your business gets the most ROI from the strategies they suggest.

Services: Online Marketing, SEO, CRO, Inbound Marketing

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a startup, an SMB or an enterprise, working with growth hacking agencies can be a sure shot to achieve your business goals. 

These agencies are known to analyze data and find the best strategies to take your business to the next growth stage. 

Before picking one, ensure you’re clear with your requirements and that you find a team that aligns with your values. 

If you want to chat more about Growth Hacking, contact our team at MADX. With years of experience in this field and some interesting results, we’re sure we’ll be able to guide you on the next steps.

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