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How Our Growth Marketing Agency Grew 1,300% in 4 Weeks

January 5, 2022
How Our Growth Marketing Agency Grew 1,300% in 4 Weeks

MADX Digital (website) was nothing more than a glorified business card a few months ago.

Clients and interested parties would discover our business elsewhere and then reach out for the contact form on our page to schedule the first meeting. This model worked. Other agencies follow roughly the same system.

However, we’re a; growth agency specialized in helping SaaS businesses grow through organic reach.

What We'll Cover:

So, why wasn’t our website leading by example?

I don't have an answer besides saying that growth agencies rarely invest in their organic reach. Some superstar agencies, like NeilPatel’s, defy this rule. But in most cases, agencies don’t exactly invest in their organic reach.

For example, Gary V’s SashaGroup attracts only 569 organic visitors each month.

line graph of top pages
SashaGroup: Peek Behind the Curtains

We did our best to escape this industry standard. Following the below steps, you can replicate similar results on your website, being an agency, or any other online business.

The starting point vs. today

performance chart of organic pages and traffic
Ahrefs screenshot November 21st

Search engines would deliver 200 odd visitors to our agency website each month until a month ago. We decided to create a new acquisition channel and hack our growth.

The website’s organic traffic exploded by 1,300% in a few weeks.

MadX Organic traffic
Organic traffic grew by 1,300%

Webflow switcheroo

Moving our agency website from Squarespace to Webflow was the biggest overhaul in this process. Webflow offers an easily digestible format for search engines and a solid content distribution network (CDN). Unlike Squarespace, web designers have more control over UX/UI in Webflow.

health score metrics

Ahref’s Health score sharply jumped from the mid-30s to mid-80s, as soon as we rolled out the new website. Core Web Vitals — a big SEO factor — improved drastically too.

There’s a caveat here (or a couple):

  1. Webflow is a fantastic website builder, but it’s more complicated than Squarespace or Wix. If you don’t have a web designer on the team, stick with tested-and-tried solutions.
  2. Neither of these services offers independent hosting. Your website performance sometimes depends on higher forces.
A meme of "Content it's kind of a big deal"

Reverse Web Syndication for your growth marketing agency

Content syndication is the bread-and-butter of rapid organic growth.

When you republish a piece of content from another website, this process is called content syndication. Every major media outlet does it. As long as you syndicate in total agreement with the owner, you’re good to go. Just make sure to include canonical links once the content is live. Canonical links tell search engines that content is not duplicate/plagiarized, but syndicated. This process gets the green light from Google itself.

We have flipped this process on its head.

Instead of syndicating content from other thought leaders, we have reverse-engineered our own publishing. Some of our personal content was already performing on Medium. So, we decided to give it a facelift with some SEO-infused research.

The stories went through a short rewriting process before landing in madx.digital/learn section. Then, we have added the canonical link to Medium, telling Google that content published on MadX is the original one.

Google choose to index our website with higher authority instead of already performing medium articles. The additional SEO research has quadrupled the reach on already performing websites.

statistics of some of the sites in MADX website
Ahrefs/MadX Screnshot

SEOs could call also this a reinvented [cannibalized] skyscraper technique.

Ned Stark meme from Game of thrones saying "Brace yourselves, leads are coming"

Deliver fresh stuff on your growth agency website

New website and canonical content offer a great start, but we don’t want to become a pretty face living on past glory.

The first two steps offer a great springboard. But it’s time for some new tricks now.

We have created a teardown series — like this one about Grammarly — to serve our new audiences. The series goes into detail on how some of our favorite SaaS companies blasted past their competition.

We analyze why the SaaS websites perform; what type of marketing works for them; inspect the backlink and organic traffic profile, and check how they bode against the competition.

Subscribe to the Teardown series to receive the  detailed analysis in your inbox once a week. Otherwise, follow our progress on MadX Learn or here on Medium.

Offer freebies to build relationships

Are you even a marketeer if you don’t offer freebies?

We have built an SEO Mastery Course that comes in 6 daily emails and helps people refresh their SEO knowledge or start mastering SEO from scratch.

Freebies — such as workshops, courses, eBooks, reports — serve several purposes.

  1. Email magnet
  2. Lead generation
  3. Relationship building
  4. Authority points

The above four points holistically boost our agency's performance, which trickles down into more organic traffic.

Sprinkle some social

Linkedin is your B2B friend.

We have created several polls and posts for LinkedIn. Social engagement can help you discover what your new audience wants to read.

Here’s an example:

Social media post by Perry Steward about grammarly

Growth Hacking the Bottom line

MadX transformation took less than 4 weeks. Organic traffic shot up by 1,300% in this time, and we have created several funnels for our agency.

As with everything in SEO, most results are yet to come. Some of the content and ideas take months to mature and reach their potential.

Buckle up, and let’s enjoy the ride.

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