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Write Like a Pro: A 3-Minute Copywriting Crash Course

Toni Koraza
August 11, 2022
Write Like a Pro: A 3-Minute Copywriting Crash Course

As the leading SaaS marketing agency, we spend a lot of time analyzing effective copywriting.

Our clients generate more sign ups from carefully written copy than industry-praised CTA buttons. As a matter of fact, most conversions have come from a line of text placed somewhere inside a blog piece or landing page.

This is why we have prepared a copywriting crash course that will serve both beginners and professionals. But before we dive into how to write copy, let's quickly explore what is copywriting and why it is essential to online success.

What we’ll cover:

What is copywriting?

Unlike content writing that has a primary purpose of informing the reader and building relationships, copywriting has to move the reader to make a specific action. In most cases, the copy is supposed to sell more subscriptions or raise more funds for a social cause.

Copywriters are often ten times more expensive to hire than content writers. And the primary reason behind the expensive price tag is because copywriting is a sales-writing technique that demands high level of skill. Otherwise, you'll struggle to sell.

Why is copywriting essential to online success?

Lazy copywriting can destroy your business and cost you millions in damage.

On the other hand, good copy will make you millions in sales. And that good copy can go even further. For example, WSJ made over $2 billions in sales with just one letter. If you want to read more about it, check out the breakdown the best sales letter of all times. If the copy wasn't written well, WSJ probably wouldn't sell more than any other financial magazine at the time.

In another example, Derek Halpern interviewed a marketer who made $140,000 in 9-days on Kickstarter using this technique.

So, let's take a close look at how you can quickly master the essentials and start writing money-making copy.

Copywriting 101: five steps to writing copy like a pro

The copywriting industry has a 4P standard that can help you find your North Star. Good folks at UC Davis have added another P to the mix, calling it a 5P Approach to Copy That Crushes It.

  1. Premise
  2. Promise
  3. Picture
  4. Proof
  5. Push

The internet is plagued with lousy text, malicious marketing, and bland content nobody reads. Bad copy can destroy your whole business. In fact, the majority of Startups fail because their ideas don’t translate to sales and leads.

Learning a few common industry strategies can help you greatly along the way. Even if you’re not a copywriter, you can also profit from understanding the essential elements of a presentable copy. A single, well-executed copy can generate millions in revenue.

1. Premise

What is the key to your method? The premise talks about your system, which is different to other offers on the market.

“Hemingway’s approach to making milkshakes.”

The headline above mentioned a premise to your story. It hints that you’re sharing a system for milkshakes from a famous author. This headline is completely made up, but it’s piquing interest in your reader and making the copy more enjoyable.

2. Promise

Talk about success. What is the end goal of your proposition? How does the world look like when you apply the Hemingways approach to milkshakes. Talk about the love people feel when drinking a refreshing milkshake.

Talk about the change that happens when you upgrade your milkshake business. Talk about happiness and freedom.

3. Image

The show, don’t tell, is a golden standard of everything content. Instead of saying Great milkshakes, try to illustrate the point with your words.

Great milkshakes can very much become Jaw-dropping drinks of happiness.

4. Proof

The proof is exactly as the word says. You have to demonstrate credibility. Include statistics, studies, graphs, charts, etc. You’re appealing to the reader’s rational side.

5. Push

Call to Action. In the New York bestseller, Building a Story Brand, Donald Miller talks about the too little CTAs. The author finds that most of his clients don’t invite their customers to actually buy the product.

When you think you’re overselling, you’re probably not even close to making a sale.

Examples of classic CTAs:

  • Order now
  • Call Today
  • Register Now
  • Buy Now
  • Connect With Us

You can personalize your CTA to your own voice and style, but don’t forget to include it at every possible corner.

The final words

The 5P framework offers an easy structure for writing persuasive copy. You can apply this system to your blog posts, landing pages, business e-mails, and text messages — anything copy related.

Bad copy can destroy your whole business. One of the main reasons behind business failures is falling out of touch with the customers. A good copy can connect you to your audience and skyrocket your sales in no time.

Ultimately, you’ll have to figure out what a genuinely great copy is yourself. And the standard industry practice will help along the way.

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