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How Often Should You Blog for Best Results?

Toni Koraza
December 1, 2021
How Often Should You Blog for Best Results?

Publish regularly for best exposure, the data says.

I’ve tried a few publishing models and different platforms. And now, I’m comfortable with posting at least once a day on Medium. But my mind often wanders into the land of what-ifs. What if I published more often? What if I posted less? Can you post good content daily? What if I share something 4x times a day? What if…

The above questions are challenging to answer, maybe even impossible. I won’t go into the weeds of writing well. If you wish to communicate your message, we have to understand you first. But how often should you communicate your message is a million-dollar question.

I’ve tried to figure out what works best by following columnists, Medium writers, and online publications.

How often should you blog?
Source: HubSpot

What we’ll cover:

The Word on the Street: Online Studies

“It depends,” Andy at Orbit Media says. You should adjust your frequency to your sales cycles and buying intervals. If you’re strictly a business blog, then you should consider these two terms. Buyers consider certain products longer. Most people won’t buy a car on a whim. Take time to build a relationship with your potential customers. And don’t be pushy. If you’re selling cars, then blogging weekly is fine.

HubSpot’s study might hint at something else. Generally, publishing often has seen better customer acquisition. Frequent publishing increases ROI (return on investment). And multiple times a day is 40% better than publishing monthly.

Graph that show Blog Post Frequency vs. Customer Acquisition
Source: HubSpot

If you’re a writer trying to get more eyes on your work, then publishing often is better than publishing every other week. But brands that are trying to maintain their awareness and position won’t have a problem with posting a few times a week, according to HubSpot.

Other content marketing experts shared their opinions too. Barry Feldman thinks you shouldn’t post just anything for the sake of consistency. He advises his clients to publish only excellent content.

“There are no denying HubSpot’s advice and data, but the formula falls apart if each and every post doesn’t rock. The answer I like to give clients is to blog as often as you can post really great content that supports your marketing objectives.” — Barry Feldman

Heidi Cohen thinks you should commit to publishing regularly. The audience will expect fresh content from you.

“Think like a traditional publisher. Publish content on a consistent basis, so your audience comes to expect and anticipate your information. Make it the same day and time every week or month. If you wait too long between posts, your audience will forget you.” — Heidi Cohen

I’m a fan of consistent publishing. You never know when the next opportunity will present itself. But I also advise not to put just anything out there. If you’re just starting out in the world of blogging, it might be hard to come up with valuable content every day. That’s fine. Aim at writing evergreen content that you can often update to reflect the current times. Over time, you’ll pick up the pace and start rolling out the great stuff.

A man typing with a monitor in front of him and some plants in the background
Source: Freepik

Medium Writers on Blogging Frequency

Medium writers have shared their two cents on constant publishing. The advice is most relevant to Medium, and it reflects on making money from purely sharing content. I’ve absorbed hundreds of such posts over the years.

The names that stood out are Tom Kuegler, Shaunta Grimes, and Nicolas Cole.

“I didn’t think much of Medium, but I decided to post new stories there five times per week. Since I started blogging there in October of 2016, I’ve garnered 30,000 followers, 100,000 monthly page views, and even got to star in a viral Facebook video made by NowThis.” — Tom Kuegler

Nicolas Cole is a blogging heavy-weight champion. He treats writing like a sport, and he’s publishing content every day. He attributes his success to consistency. Forbes named him as one of the most influential marketers to watch out for in 2017. You can find his work in almost any online publication, including TIME, Forbes, Fortune, The Huffington Post, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Observer, Slate, etc. He is posting on Medium every day.

Shaunta Grimes is full of invaluable lessons about writing and posting. She is a novelist, blogger, and writing teacher. She’s been posting periodically on Medium over the years. Sometimes she’d publish 4x times a day for weeks, and other times she wouldn’t be here for 15 days straight. She reported better earnings and greater exposure every time she published more often. Shaunta Grimes was on track to earn $10,000 a month from Medium last year.

Medium is full of skilled writers and unbelievable content. They create evergreen content that can be updated and republished. This strategy may help you to continually have something important to share.

How Often Should You Blog?

The million-dollar question has a vague answer. The more you publish, the better exposure you’ll get. If you’re trying to get your content out there, then publishing multiple times a day might be the best.

I’m settled at publishing at least one article a day on Medium. I write a lot more, though. I write at least 3000 words each day, but I only publish what I find excellent and relevant for that day. Sometimes I blog like a photographer. I take a burst of photos and share only the best ones. This approach works for me, but everyone is different, and everyone has their own pace and style.

I’d recommend that you find what works best for you. You might burn out if you put too much on your shoulders. And if you’re not a professional writer, and you don’t plan on making a full-time income from blogging, then what’s the rush? You shouldn’t burn out over your hobbies, passion project, or a side hustle. And forcing yourself to write and publish multiple times a day might be just what you need to create a successful blog. 

Aim at publishing consistently and comfortably.

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