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Google Marketing Live 2022 Highlights

June 25, 2022
Google Marketing Live 2022 Highlights

Google Marketing Live Keynote 2022 was an event hosted to help marketers and business owners understand the process of marketing and advertising on Google, as well as expand their business.

The entire event is just over an hour long. And as we assume that you don’t have the time to sit through such a long event, but would still benefit from all the shared knowledge, the MADX team has extracted and summarized the most important points to help your business thrive.

What we’ll cover:

Summary of Key Points

Something discussed in the event is as follows:

  • Video Ads are coming to Google Discovery
  • More Ads in the shape of YouTube Shorts
  • Use of AR technology in Advertising
  • Video 360-connected TV campaigns
  • Updates in Performance Max 
  • Improvements in searching methods
  • Better security and privacy in AI technology
  • Easy purchasing methods
  • Product performance measurement tools

Ads Innovation - Jerry Dischler

Google marketing is rolling out new updates to offer users an intuitive searching experience. 

Initially, you could only make search queries by typing in keywords. Later, users could make search queries using pictures or voices to learn about different things. Now, Google has launched its breakthrough technology, i.e., the multi-search feature, which allows you to use two different methods to search for something. For instance, making a search query by taking a picture and asking a question at the same time. 

Here are a few things that Google wants to create:

  • Businesses can benefit from video shorts to give customers visuals that help them make decisions
  • Google has been updating AI technology and aims to help businesses learn how automation technology increases consumers' exposure to their products. 
  • Google will incorporate performance measurement tools to understand the ad results.

Ads Innovation - Vidhya Srinivasan

Google has used cutting-edge technologies to develop game-changing automation methods. The platform is continuously incorporating innovative technologies like different language models to help people easily search for things on Google. 

Vidhya Srinivasan has also shared the following important things at the Google Marketing Live Keynote. 

  • Google has introduced broad match technology to help businesses reach wider audiences. 
  • You can use Google Business Messages to allow customers to message you through Google Maps, Google Search, or the business' website. 
  • Google is also testing a feature in which customers can send messages to a business via Google Ads
  • Google Analytics 4 offers to uncover insights that help you understand your customers' behavior.

Ads Innovation - Saurabh Sharma

Saurabh Sharma discussed some of the important aspects of Google privacy and measures. Well, companies want to learn how AI is working, whether their data is well protected, or how they secure confidential data while trying to approach target customers at the same time.

Some privacy key points that Saurabh Sharma has discussed are:

  • Google never uses sensitive data, personal information, or other important business information to personalize your ads. 
  • My Ad Center, which Google will soon launch, will help users control what ads they can see.
  • Technologies like marketing mix modeling are designed to provide data inputs to people with the help of the MMM reports. 
  • Google has introduced proper tagging, on-device conversion measurement, and enhanced conversions to improve the privacy of your marketing and advertisement. 

Commerce Innovation - Bill Ready

Online shopping has become popular in the last few years. But even as people go back to physical stores, they haven't stopped shopping online. This might be because of Google's impressive search features. Besides discussing customer behavior, Bill Ready also indicates that businesses can add pictures, videos, and even 3D videos of products to help consumers make better decisions.

Some of the important points that Bill Ready discussed include:

  • In the upcoming years, AR technology will become a staple in how consumers interact with brands. 
  • Shopify, Big Commerce, and WooCommerce are emerging platforms that are helping Google offer the best user experiences.

Commerce Innovation Tina Weyand

We've all heard that it's difficult to keep up with changing consumer demands and behaviors. But according to Tina Weyand, it opens up new opportunities as Omnichannel consumers purchase products from more than one brand. 

  • Using Performance Max can help consumers in the buying process. 
  • Performance Max can help you meet both online and in-store goals by automating ads across Google, YouTube, Discover, Display, and Maps.
  • You can measure and optimize local actions and store visits that will help you understand the effect of omnichannel marketing on your eCommerce store. 
  • Performance Max can help businesses reach their target through different methods and content. 

Commerce Innovation Matt Madrigal

Matt Madrigal was the last guest at the Google Marketing Live Keynote 2022. He discusses how Google is trying to optimize the consumer experience and helping them purchase products or services in less time and with fewer efforts. 

He indicates some major advancements in the Google technology, which are:

  • The checkout on Merchant feature can help customers select an item from Google search and go directly to checkout, so you can avoid going through a multistep buying process.
  • Google Ads can now help you understand the performance of your product and not just the performance of your ad. 
  • With the help of Google Ads, you can understand why consumers are not purchasing your products and why your competitors are making more sales.
  • Loyalty programs can also be optimized to boost sales and improve user experiences. 
  • In the coming months, Google will allow you to create ads for loyal customers that current customers can see. This helps you retain customers for longer and boost sales. 

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