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Becoming a Serial Entrepreneur: A System to Get You There | MADX

March 8, 2021
Becoming a Serial Entrepreneur: A System to Get You There | MADX

Everyone can become a serial entrepreneur, but most people don’t.

I’ve written every single day for the past 463 days. I’ve drafted two books, published 500+ articles, started a publication, a digital agency, digital gallery, and got featured by Business Insider, an online publication with billions of monthly views.

One trick helped me get there, and everyone could replicate it.

What we’ll cover:

The streak mentality will help you reach your goals

Jot a star in your calendar for every day you do or avoid doing something. Depending on your goals, your streak may count published blogs, alcohol-free days, and exercise sessions. Write down your mission and jot the starters.

You’ll have a visual streak after a week. If you skip a day, the counter resets back to zero and you lose the whole streak — back to day one. If you build your streak to 100, 200, or 2,000, you now have an incentive to continue pursuing your promise.

Star streaks are non-negotiable commitments you just do, no matter the weather, health or financial situation.

Many argue that writers don’t need to publish every day to be successful. You don’t have to exercise every to build muscle either, and you surely don’t have to eat just organic food to be healthy.

However, if you’re anything like me, then sporadic action doesn’t bring any real results. Maybe I’m just not the roundest bolt in the bolt drawer, but this system works, and everyone can replicate it.

The best chance of making good on your promise to yourself is to put in the effort. You don’t have to push yourself above and beyond human capabilities, but you need to stay consistent.

Streak challenges completely changed my life:

  • The 2,237-day non-smoking streak keeps me from lighting “just one cigarette,” and defaulting back to smoking addiction.
  • The 168 non-drinking streak, keeps me from having a beer that leads to a night of regrets, and a morning of smelly hangovers.
  • The 530 Day DuoLingo streak helps me keep my mind on Chinese and Spanish. I’m not fluent in any of those languages, but I understand more by the day, and the time investment is only about 10 minutes a day.
  • The 463 Day publishing streak helps me write when I least feel like writing. The days when you don’t want to publish stuff are the days when you should publish the most.

Serial Entrepreneur with non-negotiable challenges

I would write fiction every morning since 2019, but I had no idea how to make money with my stories and books.

I’ve made a promise to publish something every day on February 15th while I enjoyed heavy lockdowns and hazmat suit guards in front of my apartment building in Xi’an, China.

WFH was an experiment we just dipped in, and I decided to not be among the first adopters. Allegiance was the ultimate virtue for my employer back then, which meant that managers didn’t need to be skilled, educated, or experienced as long as they were loyal. The supervisor for the foreign English department couldn't speak English. So, I called it quits.

I was sporadically writing before 2020, but never like my life depends on it.

I divorced my writing from entitlement and poured my emotions down the page.

I dove into daily writing, reading, and publishing. I signed with a traditional publisher for short stories but fell in love with Medium, non-fiction, and self-development.

I would non-negotiably post a story on the internet every day.

Last week, Business Insider featured my story. And I’ve reached a million readers on the internet across platforms in the past year.

Even if the world hates my creations, that’s alright, I’m going to build something else tomorrow

Is my writing great? I’m not Hemingway or Faulkner, but I’m reaching an audience that wants to read my content.

Does publishing every day means you’ll become a blogging superstar? Maybe yes, maybe not, who knows.

Does publishing every day mean you’ll do everything in your power to create your personal luck? Yes, absolutely. The only way to know if something works is if you actually give it your best.

Write down your non-negotiable mission. Bring out your calendar, and jot a start for every day you’ve published a new story online. Visualize your journey with actionable steps, commitments, and repercussions.

Your streak is on the line.

Protect it.


Written by yours truly, Toni Koraza

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