43 Viral Headlines Creators Can Swipe at Any Time

May 4, 2022

Advertising legend David Ogilvy is famous for re-writing an automobile advertisement headline 104 times.

Maybe you don’t have time for all that limbo, and just want to place a decent title on your story. You probably have clocked too many hours behind the keyboard and just want to get over with it.

A risk-less approach is to swipe and remodel a good headline. The 41 Headlines collection comes from personal analysis of recently viral stories.

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  • Here’s the Deal With [Writing Viral Headlines]
  • [Two Students] Started Working From Home and [This Wild Thing] Happened
  • [Writing Headlines] That Get Results
  • The Best Way to [Write Headlines] for Your [Blog Stories]
  • Forget [Clever Headlines]. 2020 is the Year of [Direct Head-lies]
  • The Easiest Way to [Write a Successful Headline]
  • Why You Should [Forget Listicles]
  • How [Bungee-Jumping] can Make Your [Marketing] Game Strong
  • The Science Of [Simplicity]: Why All Successful [Headlines] Have The Same Message
  • Why [Seth Godin] Doesn’t Let [His Kids Read His Blog] (And Why You Shouldn’t Either)
  • What I Learned From Being a Broke, [Medium Writer]
  • 9 [Headline] Mistakes That Make You Look Like a Rookie
  • 7 Ugly Truths Behind a [Pretty Headline]
  • What People Don’t Understand About [Headlines], According to [Seth Godin]
  • This [Headline Strategy] Will Make You Stand Out
  • 23 Reasons to [Write Good Headlines]
  • This is What Happens When You Spend Half the Time on [Your Headline]
  • These are the 47 Top Performing [Headlines]
  • Here are 10 [Headlines] Worth Stealing
  • This Viral [Headline Trick] Will Melt Your Heart
  • 29 [Headlines] That Will Make You Feel Good About [Writing]
  • This is Why Only 1/10 [Writers] Can [Write a Good Headline]
  • [Joe Coleman’s] Response To [Seth Godin’s Headlines] is Awesome
  • 22 [Headlines] From [Successful Writers] For People Who Are Just Starting Out on [Medium]
  • This is Why Nobody [Reads Your Blog]
  • This Might Be the Most Successful [Headline On the Internet]
  • Don’t Spend Your [Summer Writing Lousy Headlines]
  • Will Your [Writing Career] Survive Another [Lockdown]
  • A Lazy [Headline] Almost Killed Him: I’m Not Kidding
  • [Write] Faster: 11 Effective (and Slightly Badass) Ways to Just Do It
  • [Headline] Help: Crucial Tips That [Seth Godin] Forgot to Mention
  • This [Headline] Method Works 99.2% of the time
  • 27 Gutsy Ways to Write a [Fresh Headline]
  • Get [Clicked on] All the Time (Other [Bloggers] Will be Really Annoyed)
  • How to Keep Writing Strong [Headlines] When Life gets Crazy
  • Get [10,000 views] in just [7 days]
  • The [Headline] Whisperer Every [Writer] Needs to Have on Their [Desk]
  • 7 Signs You’re [Writing] a Viral [Story]
  • How to [Write Stuff] You’ll Never Regret
  • 3 Questions That Make Your [Headline] Pop
  • What You Learn From [Writing 41 Viral Headlines] in One [Night]
  • Do you Want [DIsney] to Leave [Florida]?
  • What will [Florida] Look Like, if [All Ice on Earth] Melts?
  • What's Missing in [1,000 True Fans]? Here's How [Creators] can Truly Make a Living

Save yourself the trouble, save this post, and swipe away.

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