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15 Best SaaS Marketing Blogs & Websites To Follow in 2024

Perry Steward
March 26, 2024
15 Best SaaS Marketing Blogs & Websites To Follow in 2024

If you want to stay ahead in the SaaS industry, staying attuned to the latest trends, strategies, and insights is not just beneficial; it's essential. 

As a leading SaaS SEO agency, we have curated many resources to help us stay in the loop. 

In this blog, we’ll share the 15 best SaaS marketing blogs and websites to follow in 2024. Each offers a goldmine of information tailored to SaaS managers, marketers, and entrepreneurs, and by adding each to your reading list, you’ll be the first to know about the latest shifts in the market.

If you’re eager to learn, you can access our comprehensive suite of resources right away. 

Let’s get to it. 

What We'll Cover:

What Are SaaS Marketing Blogs?

SaaS marketing blogs are online platforms that provide tips, strategies, news and updates related to SaaS marketing. These sites provide actionable advice and views from experts that can be applied to real-world SaaS marketing campaigns. 

SaaS marketing blogs cover many topics, including lead generation, customer acquisition, retention strategies and industry trends. 

Want more juicy insight into SaaS marketing? MADX has a page of resources that gives you everything you know to grasp the basics of SaaS marketing.

Why Should You Follow SaaS Marketing Blogs?

Regularly following SaaS marketing blogs is a strategic necessity for professionals aiming to excel in the fast-evolving digital realm. 

These blogs offer many advantages:

  • Stay updated: They keep you informed about the latest trends and innovations in the SaaS sector.
  • Expert insights: Authored by seasoned professionals, these blogs provide valuable strategies and experiences.
  • New tools and techniques: Introduce cutting-edge technology and methods to enhance your marketing campaigns.
  • Competitive edge: The insights help devise standout strategies, driving measurable outcomes.
  • Drive business growth: Effective strategies from these blogs lead to improved engagement and conversions, fuelling business expansion.

For a comprehensive exploration, our SaaS Marketing Guide offers an in-depth look at leveraging these blogs for success.

Benefits of Following SaaS Marketing Blogs

Reading SaaS marketing blogs will inform marketers about the latest trends and tech, helping them update their digital strategies to meet these changes head-on. They also create a community for SaaS marketing professionals to connect and share information. This community aspect is crucial for collaborative growth.

For deeper insights into applying these benefits to SaaS product marketing, our guide on SaaS Product Marketing provides context and actionable advice.

1. Stay Updated with Industry Trends

Keeping up with the latest SaaS marketing trends is crucial to stay competitive and keep your business going. The SaaS world is always changing because of new technologies, consumer behavior, and strategies. This means marketers need to be well-informed and always ready to adapt. Being ahead of the curve allows you to seize new opportunities and establish your business as an industry leader. For tips on applying these trends to your marketing plans, read our guide on SaaS Marketing Strategies. It's a great resource for adjusting to and making the most of the changing SaaS market.

2. Gain Insights from Industry Experts

Everyone likes to shout about the best strategy for X or the best method for hacking Y. But who really knows what they're talking about? SaaS marketing blogs are a constant source of new information on trends, tech, and strategies – straight from the trailblazers in the field. Learning from these experts helps marketers improve their marketing with methods that are proven to work. Yes, you can leave the guesswork in the dust. Not sure who the best voices are in the SaaS industry? We put together a list of the top 21 influencers and experts to follow in 2024 to help you. 

3. Access to Case Studies and Success Stories

Case studies and success stories show how SaaS marketing strategies work by giving real-world examples of their successes and lessons learned. They explain how different approaches help gain, engage, and increase the income from customers. These stories give clear evidence of how strategies work, from getting new customers to keeping them and growing the business.For a deeper understanding of B2B marketing in the SaaS industry, including practical examples, our guide on B2B Marketing SaaS is a crucial resource. It delivers insights on emulating these successes, making intricate strategies understandable and implementable. 

4. Enhance Customer Understanding

Understanding what customers need is one of the fundamentals of SaaS marketing. It goes beyond knowing who they are; it’s about knowing what their needs, problems, and motivations are.Marketers can glean important information about their target audience by following marketing blogs and websites. By reading both customer stories and the experiences of fellow marketers and managers, you can better understand the challenges your audience faces and use this insight to ensure you highlight how your product can help solve their problems. Our blog on Content Marketing SaaS is an invaluable resource for those keen on honing their content marketing tactics in the SaaS realm.

Top 15 SaaS Marketing Blogs of 2024

In compiling our top 15 SaaS marketing blogs for 2024, we focused on content quality, industry authority, and relevance. These blogs are treasure troves of in-depth insights into trends, strategies, and tools crucial for professional growth in SaaS marketing. 

They offer actionable knowledge to refine your marketing prowess and keep abreast of industry shifts.

We invite you to leverage these resources to boost your SaaS marketing acumen.

1. MADX Digital

Homepage of MADX Digital, a SaaS SEO & Link Building Agency focused on optimizing web presence in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) with regional SEO strategies.

MADX Digital is a leading source of SaaS marketing wisdom, offering an array of resources tailored for SaaS marketers. MADX Digital talks about the specific problems and chances in the business world, giving tips, success stories, and new trends to help with marketing.

Key topics include:

  • Innovative customer acquisition strategies
  • Effective retention methods
  • How to use data
  • Content marketing tailored for SaaS
  • Analytics-driven growth tactics

Each article is crafted to empower SaaS marketers with the insights and tools for excelling in a dynamic market environment.

Discover comprehensive strategies at MADX Digital's SaaS Marketing Section.

2. SaaS Marketer

News Archives page of SaaS Marketer Weekly, offering B2B marketing news that isn’t boring, delivered each Wednesday at 9am EST, focusing on the latest trends and insights in the SaaS marketing world.

SaaS Marketer is a top blog for people in SaaS marketing. It offers the latest tips, strategies, and success stories.

It's known for its useful content that combines expert opinions, detailed analysis, and new trends. This blog is great for marketers looking to improve their strategies with smart, creative ideas. 

For an in-depth exploration of the newest trends in SaaS marketing, check out the news section at SaaS Marketer News.

3. SaaStr

Homepage of SaaStr, the largest community for enterprise software enthusiasts, featuring B2B SaaS training, events, and resources to scale your business.

SaaStr is an important resource for the SaaS community, offering a lot of information for marketers, founders, and entrepreneurs.

It talks about everything from how to grow a startup to marketing tips, aiming to help businesses move forward. With advice on growing your customer base, keeping customers, and creating SaaS communities, SaaStr is a must for anyone in the field who wants to get better at what they do. Explore a wealth of SaaS marketing insights at SaaStr.

4. Inside Intercom

Homepage of The Intercom Blog, featuring articles on customer support, AI, and product development.

Inside Intercom
offers deep insights into customer communication, product management, and SaaS marketing from the experts behind the prominent messaging platform.

This blog is full of useful tips for SaaS marketers on how to get users more involved, offer better customer service, and grow with strong communication plans. It has real examples and studies, mixing tech, marketing, and customer care to suggest new ways to solve marketing problems. It is a must-read for marketers aiming to refine their approach and excel in their field.

5. OpenView

Homepage of the OpenView Blog, offering insights, ideas, and inspiration for SaaS leaders. The blog features a wide range of topics including B2B marketing predictions for 2024

OpenView's blog is an essential resource for the SaaS community, particularly beneficial for expansion-stage software companies.

This blog gives detailed tips on growing businesses, improving strategies to sell products, and doing better in reaching customers. It focuses on real steps to grow and keep customers, making it very useful for SaaS marketers. It includes success stories, expert talks, and deep looks into strategies, serving as a practical guide for growing SaaS businesses well. Visit OpenView's Blog for comprehensive SaaS marketing strategies.

6. ProductLed

Homepage of ProductLed, featuring Wes Bush, the bestselling author of 'Product-Led Growth: How to Build a Product That Sells Itself.

ProductLed is a leading source for insights on product-led growth, presenting a blog rich with strategies and frameworks for SaaS companies leveraging their products as their main marketing tool.

Essential for marketers seeking to master product-led growth, it offers actionable tips on utilizing products to boost acquisition, conversion, and retention—a notable trend in the SaaS sector. Expect content on fostering a product-led culture, improving user onboarding, and case studies from successful product-led firms. Dive into product-led growth strategies at ProductLed.

7. GrowthRocks

Homepage of GrowthRocks, a Growth Hacking Marketing Agency dedicated to helping startups and established companies achieve rapid and sustainable growth.

GrowthRocks is a pivotal resource for cutting-edge growth hacking and digital marketing strategies, providing SaaS marketers with a guide to propel company growth.

The blog combines ideas and real strategies, focusing on quick growth techniques, testing different options, spreading ideas fast, and getting new users. It shares creative ideas and tests that go beyond usual marketing, making it useful for people looking to find new ways to grow.

For a closer look at cutting-edge growth hacking strategies, visit GrowthRocks.

8. HubSpot

Homepage of the HubSpot Blog, offering a wealth of content on marketing, sales, agency work, and customer success.

HubSpot's blog stands as a pivotal resource in inbound marketing, offering extensive insights for SaaS marketers.

This blog is well-known for its deep dive into content marketing, search engine optimization, social media, and email marketing to help businesses grow online. It's perfect for SaaS marketers, offering detailed guides, studies, and tactics. It mixes new trends and top methods to help attract, interest, and please customers well.

Discover the latest in SaaS marketing by visiting HubSpot's Blog.

9. Moz

Homepage of The Moz Blog, where the industry's leading experts share their best advice, research, how-tos, and insights on SEO and online marketing.

Moz's blog is essential for SaaS marketers, offering actionable SEO strategies, insights on algorithm changes, and keyword research techniques.

It's key for boosting online visibility and organic reach. The blog gives tips on making your website better, getting good backlinks, and using content marketing to boost SEO. If you want to rank higher in search results and get more specific visitors, Moz's Blog has the tools and advice you need.

10. Ahrefs

Homepage of the Ahrefs Blog, dedicated to helping you get better at SEO and marketing. The blog offers a wealth of resources on various marketing topics including General Marketing

Ahrefs' blog is a premier destination for marketers seeking to refine their SEO expertise with data-driven strategies.

It leverages Ahrefs' powerful SEO tools to provide actionable insights and tutorials on enhancing search visibility, mastering content marketing, and effective link building. Particularly useful for SaaS marketers, it covers keyword research, competitive analysis, and SEO best practices crucial for organic growth and algorithm navigation. Ahrefs' blog demystifies complex SEO concepts with detailed case studies and guides. 
Explore SEO and content marketing mastery at Ahrefs' Blog.

11. Content Marketing Institute

It seems there was an issue retrieving the detailed content from the Content Marketing Institute website.

The Content Marketing Institute blog is an essential resource for content marketers, including those in the SaaS sector.

It shares tips, studies, and top methods for making and sharing content that gets and keeps customers. SaaS marketers will get useful advice on planning content, engaging audiences, and telling their brand's story, which is essential for using content to grow the business. With frequent posts on marketing tactics, SEO, and how well content works, it prepares marketers for effective campaigns.

Explore comprehensive content marketing insights by visiting Content Marketing Institute.

12. Copyblogger

Homepage of Copyblogger, a premier resource offering content marketing tools and training. The site focuses on helping users craft compelling content strategies

Copyblogger is an essential resource for mastering content marketing and copywriting, offering actionable insights on creating compelling copy and engaging audience strategies.

It focuses on writing well and planning content to turn readers into customers. Copyblogger talks about email marketing, making great headlines, and online content plans, giving the tools to improve content.

Visit Copyblogger to explore the art and science of content marketing.

13. Social Media Examiner

Homepage of Social Media Examiner, a hub for marketers seeking to enhance their social media marketing skills.

Social Media Examiner is a leading resource for social media marketing insights, with articles, guides, and reports designed to enhance social media presence.

It's vital for SaaS marketers, covering algorithm updates, platform strategies, content creation, and audience engagement. Offering guides on platform use, case studies, and trending topics, it's an invaluable tool for those looking to expand reach and deepen audience connections.

Visit Social Media Examiner for the latest in social media marketing strategies.

14. Neil Patel

Homepage of Neil Patel, featuring a FREE Ads Grader tool designed to optimize Google Ads strategy and maximize ad spend efficiency by analyzing 8 essential components of your account.

Neil Patel's blog is a treasure trove for digital marketing, packed with insights on SEO, content marketing, social media, and conversion optimization.

Great for SaaS marketers who want more visitors and leads. It gives useful tips and clear guides to make digital marketing better and get good results. It includes advice on better SEO, content marketing, and using social media. Neil's method uses data and new ideas, helping marketers grow. 

Visit Neil Patel's Blog for actionable digital marketing strategies.

15. SaaS Metrics

"Homepage of SaaS Metrics, a resource dedicated to providing insights on key SaaS metrics such as MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue), LTV (Lifetime Value), and CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost).

SaaS Metrics' blog offers in-depth insights into crucial analytics and metrics for SaaS success, focusing on financial, marketing, and operational indicators.

Essential for SaaS marketers and founders, it facilitates informed decision-making, strategy optimization, and growth. Topics include:

  • Customer acquisition cost (CAC)
  • Lifetime value (LTV) analysis
  • Churn rate optimization
  • Industry benchmarking to improve strategies and outcomes

 Visit SaaS Metrics for indispensable SaaS marketing analytics and metrics insights.

Applying SaaS Marketing Wisdom Effectively

SaaS marketing blogs and websites provide a valuable resource to help SaaS marketers stay ahead in the competitive SaaS landscape. They deliver diverse perspectives, expert advice and valuable insight to enhance your marketing strategies. 

We can’t recommend enough that you add these sites to your reading list. 

The next stage is to leverage the knowledge from these blogs to craft effective marketing plans. If you need help, MADX has a guide on creating a SaaS Marketing Plan that offers comprehensive insights and strategies. 

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