16 Best SaaS Marketing Automation Tools in 2024

Toni Koraza
March 4, 2024
16 Best SaaS Marketing Automation Tools in 2024

If you want to cut through the noise and reach your audience, your SaaS business needs marketing automation tools.

Marketing automation allows SaaS companies to tailor marketing throughout the customer's journey. It means you can deliver the right messaging to the right customer segment at the right time. These automation tools help SaaS businesses improve marketing, increase engagement, and promote growth. In other words, it’s all win-win. 

In this guide, we’ll explore the best SaaS marketing automation tools for 2024.

Let’s jump in.

What We'll Cover:

What is SaaS Marketing Automation?

SaaS marketing automation uses digital tools to simplify marketing in the SaaS industry.

It's the driving force behind personalized email campaigns, targeted advertisements and data-driven decision-making. It makes marketing strategies more efficient, effective, and successful.

As the SaaS industry has grown, so has the need for marketing automation. SaaS businesses must deliver precision, personalization, and scalability to stay ahead. For this, advanced automation tools are key. They use data analytics, AI, and machine learning for personalized marketing, making every user interaction more effective and relevant.

How Can Marketing Automation Help SaaS Businesses?

Marketing automation influences how SaaS companies attract, engage, and keep customers while streamlining processes and making operations more efficient.

We’ve broken these benefits down into five distinct advantages. 

Enhanced Conversion and Personalization

Marketing automation plays a pivotal role in enhancing conversion rates. Picture getting emails made for you and websites suggesting products you like. It makes you more likely to engage, right? Personalized marketing can nurture leads, build trust, and foster brand loyalty. 

When done right, it increases conversion rates and creates lasting customer relationships. It also helps in creating enduring customer relationships. It allows for specific messaging to the right audience at the right time. This method saves time and resources. It also makes the customer experience better.

Accurate Reporting and Marketing-Sales Alignment

With marketing automation tools, businesses gain access to real-time, accurate data for reporting. With this data, you can measure campaign effectiveness and adjust strategies. 

Automation helps marketing and sales teams work together. This improves the rate of turning leads into customers. Data-driven decision-making becomes the bedrock of successful marketing campaigns, leading to measurable results.

Furthermore, it allows for better targeting and personalization in campaigns. Automation also streamlines repetitive tasks, freeing up time for strategic planning. It ensures consistent communication across various channels. It helps track customer behavior and offers insights for future campaigns.

Effective Lead Nurturing

Automated lead nurturing sequences are the secret sauce to SaaS marketing. These sequences move leads through the sales funnel with timely, relevant content. They combine educational material, personalization, and prompt follow-ups. This approach nurtures leads. It's a well-orchestrated dance, where every step brings leads closer to conversion.

These sequences help in building a relationship with the leads. They provide consistent and valuable information, establishing trust. This method also identifies and responds to lead behaviors and preferences. It ensures a smooth journey from initial interest to decision-making. Finally, it optimizes the sales process, making it more efficient and effective.

Reduced Churn and In-App Event Tracking

For SaaS businesses, customer churn is a nightmare. Marketing automation simplifies onboarding and improves the user experience. Additionally, in-app event tracking becomes indispensable in optimizing marketing strategies. Businesses can track user activity in their app to understand behavior and preferences. SaaS companies can tailor their marketing to fit their audience with this data to reduce churn.

This data helps identify at-risk customers early. It enables proactive engagement to address potential issues and guides the development of targeted retention strategies. This focused approach not only retains existing customers but also attracts new ones.

Customer Health Management and Timely Outreach

Marketing automation isn't confined to acquiring new customers. It also excels in nurturing existing ones. Businesses can keep customers happy by solving issues and offering support. Timely outreach demonstrates a commitment to customer success, fostering long-term relationships.

This approach helps in gathering customer feedback for continuous improvement. It allows for personalized interactions, making customers feel valued.

16 Tools to Automate Your SaaS Marketing

A marketing SAAS tools wheel featuring segments for social media, product adoption, self-serve support, paid channels, and email.

Right, onto the exciting part — empowering your marketing strategy in 2024. 

Selecting the right tools tailored to your specific marketing needs is important. To help, we have organized these tools into five groups: Email, Social Media, Product Use, Support, and Paid Advertising.

Email Automation

Email automation is a cornerstone, nurturing leads and maintaining user engagement with precision and scalability. 

The best tools in this category are selected based on their ease of integration, user-friendliness, and advanced targeting capabilities, essential for crafting personalized customer journeys.


Customer.IO login in white background and blue text

Customer.io  is a premier email marketing automation platform tailored for SaaS businesses, empowering them with the tools to send targeted and personalized email campaigns. 

It excels with features such as advanced segmentation based on user behavior, dynamic email content, and comprehensive analytics to track engagement and conversions. These capabilities enable SaaS companies to fine-tune their communications, ensuring messages

are relevant and timely, enhancing customer experience and loyalty.

Customer.io offers three distinct pricing packages: Essential, Premium, and Let's Talk, catering to various needs and preferences."

Customer.io offers flexible pricing plans, including a free tier for startups and scalable plans for growing businesses, each with access to core features with additional advanced options for larger enterprises.

Active Campaign

Active Campaign logo in blue background and white text

Active Campaign makes email marketing easier and better for SaaS companies. It allows for more effective, personalized communication, which is crucial for audience engagement. 

It offers a suite of features, including email segmentation, automated workflows, CRM integration, and detailed analytics. These functionalities enable SaaS companies to nurture leads effectively, increase engagement through targeted communication, and ultimately drive conversions. 

ActiveCampaign offers four distinct pricing packages: Lite, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise, providing options tailored to different business needs and scales.

ActiveCampaign supports businesses of all sizes with its tiered pricing plans, ranging from the basic "Lite" option to more advanced "Professional" and "Enterprise" levels, accommodating various needs and scales of operation.


Drip logo in blue background and pink text color

Drip is an email marketing automation platform designed with eCommerce and SaaS businesses in mind, offering sophisticated tools to create, automate, and scale personalized email campaigns. It's renowned for its robust segmentation capabilities, visual workflow builder, and detailed performance analytics. 

These features allow SaaS companies to send highly targeted emails based on customer behavior, preferences, and engagement levels, enhancing the customer journey and boosting retention rates.

Query: 'How many people are on your email list?' followed by a toggle button to increase the number of recipients.

Drip provides various pricing plans based on the number of contacts, starting with a basic plan for smaller email lists and scaling up to meet the needs of larger enterprises.

Engage Bay

Engagebay logo in white pink combination color and blue with orange text color

Engage Bay is a comprehensive platform for email marketing automation, particularly suited for SaaS businesses looking to streamline their marketing, sales, and service processes. 

Its all-in-one suite combines email marketing, CRM, and sales automation, enabling businesses to nurture leads, automate personalized email sequences, and track customer interactions seamlessly. Key features include drag-and-drop email builders, segmentation, lead scoring, and analytics.

EngageBay offers a range of pricing plans,

EngageBay offers a range of pricing plans, from a free starter package to more advanced plans catering to growing businesses and large enterprises, making it accessible for companies at any stage.

Social Media

Automation tools are vital for SaaS companies to manage their online presence. They help these companies connect with their audience, manage communication across various platforms, and automate content strategy. 

Selecting the right tool is essential for successful social media campaigns.


Flick logo in white background and black text color

Flick.tech emerges as a specialized social media marketing automation tool, focusing on maximizing the impact of social media campaigns for SaaS companies. It offers advanced hashtag research tools, analytics, and scheduling features designed to enhance online presence and engagement on platforms like Instagram. 

Flick's capabilities allow businesses to identify the most effective hashtags, analyze performance metrics, and automate posting schedules, ensuring optimal visibility and interaction with their target audience.

Explore Flick Tech's pricing and packages, ranging from Solo, Pro, to Agency, offering options suited for individual users, professionals, and agencies.


Flick provides various pricing tiers, from basic plans suitable for individuals and small teams to more comprehensive options for larger organizations, each designed to cater to different usage needs and budget constraints.

Buffer logo in white background and black text color

Buffer is a user-friendly social media automation tool that enables SaaS businesses to streamline their social media management tasks efficiently. Its key features include post scheduling, analytics, and team collaboration, making it easier for companies to maintain a consistent online presence across multiple platforms. 

Buffer helps plan and deploy content strategies with its intuitive scheduling calendar, providing insights into post performances and facilitating team members to collaborate on campaigns. 

iew Buffer's pricing packages, including Free, Essential, Team, and Agency, catering to a range of user needs from individuals to businesses

Pricing is flexible, with plans ranging from a basic free tier to more comprehensive paid plans that offer additional features and support for larger teams.


hootsuite logo in white background and black text color

Hootsuite is a powerful social media automation platform that supports SaaS businesses in amplifying their online presence and engagement. It offers comprehensive tools for scheduling posts, monitoring conversations, and analyzing social media traffic, which are invaluable for crafting data-driven marketing strategies. 

Hootsuite's strengths include its ability to manage multiple social media accounts from a single dashboard, advanced analytics for tracking performance, and team collaboration features that enhance productivity and campaign effectiveness.

Discover Hootsuite's range of pricing packages, including Legend, Professional, Team, and Enterprise, designed to accommodate various user requirements from individual users to large enterprises.

The platform provides a range of pricing options, from a basic free plan to more advanced plans designed for businesses with larger social media needs and marketing teams.

Product Adoption

Product adoption tools are key to SaaS companies in many ways; they improve user onboarding, increase product usage and play a crucial role in guiding users to explore and use SaaS products. 

They provide valuable insights into user behavior and preferences, aiding product development.

Let’s explore our favorites.


User pilot logo in white background and black text

Userpilot is a cutting-edge platform that enhances SaaS businesses’ product adoption and user engagement. It enables companies to create customized, interactive product experiences without coding, such as in-app guides, tooltips, and personalized onboarding flows. These features help significantly improve user onboarding, feature adoption, and overall customer satisfaction. 

xplore Userpilot's pricing options, including Starter, Growth, and Enterprise, catering to businesses of various sizes and stages of growth.

Userpilot's analytics also offer deep insights into user behavior and product usage, allowing for data-driven decisions to optimize user experience. Pricing details and specific plans are tailored to meet the needs of various business sizes and can be found on their website.


pendo logo in white background and black text

Pendo is a platform that enhances product adoption and user onboarding for SaaS businesses through data-driven insights and user engagement tools. It offers features like in-app messaging, guides, feedback collection, and detailed analytics, which help understand user behavior, improve product features, and create personalized onboarding experiences.

Review Pendo's pricing packages, ranging from Starter, Growth, to Enterprise, offering solutions suitable for businesses at different stages of development and scale.

Pendo's capabilities enable companies to reduce churn and increase customer satisfaction. While specific pricing and payment plans are not publicly listed, Pendo offers customized solutions tailored to the needs of each business, emphasizing scalability and flexibility.

Walk Me

walkme logo in dotted blue background and white text color

With its advanced Digital Adoption Platform, Walk Me revolutionizes product adoption and user onboarding for SaaS companies. It simplifies complex software usage through interactive walkthroughs, step-by-step guides, and personalized user journeys, making new software features easily accessible to all users.

Unique features like real-time analytics, segmentation, and automation distinguish WalkMe as a tool that improves user experience and provides insights into user behavior and software utilization.

blue background and image of a man and woman in  picture with text A digital adoption platform fit for you

While WalkMe customizes its pricing and plans to fit various organizational sizes and needs, details are provided upon request to tailor their offerings to each company's specific requirements.

Self-Serve Support

In SaaS marketing automation, offering effective self-serve support is crucial. These tools assist SaaS companies in delivering seamless support experiences to their users. Choosing the best tools in this category depends on the criteria, which must match the support needs of SaaS businesses.


Intercom logo in white background and black text

Intercom is a prominent self-serve support automation tool that enhances customer support experiences for SaaS businesses. It provides a rich suite of features, including customizable chatbots, targeted messaging, help centers, and customer engagement tracking. 

These capabilities enable companies to offer immediate 24/7 support, efficiently resolve user inquiries, and proactively engage customers at critical moments. Intercom's key advantages lie in its ability to automate repetitive support tasks, personalize customer interactions, and gather insights to improve service quality.

Intercom's key advantages lie in its ability to automate repetitive support tasks, personalize customer interactions, and gather insights to improve service quality.

Pricing is based on a modular structure, allowing businesses to choose and pay for only what they need, with specific plans on their website.


zendendesk logo in green text color

Zendesk plays a crucial role in self-serve support and customer service automation for SaaS businesses by offering a comprehensive suite of tools designed to improve customer interactions. 

Its features include an AI-powered knowledge base, support ticketing system, live chat, and automated responses, which collectively enhance the efficiency of customer support. These functionalities empower customers to find solutions independently, enabling businesses to manage inquiries more effectively.

Discover Zendesk's pricing packages, including Suite Team, Suite Growth, Suite Professional, and Enterprise, providing solutions tailored to different business needs and sizes.

Zendesk offers a variety of pricing plans, catering to businesses of all sizes, from basic support packages to more advanced options with additional features and customization capabilities.

Paid Channels

Paid advertising channels are instrumental in SaaS marketing, driving visibility and user acquisition. These tools enhance paid advertising campaigns, helping SaaS businesses maximize their marketing budget.


addroll logo in white background and black text color

Paid Channels

AdRoll specializes in optimizing paid advertising channels for SaaS companies, offering a comprehensive platform that unifies data, automates campaigns, and personalizes advertisements across the web, social media, and email. 

Its key features include cross-channel retargeting, dynamic ad creation, audience segmentation, and detailed analytics, which empower SaaS marketers to increase their reach, engage potential customers more effectively, and boost conversions. 

SaaS marketers to increase their reach, engage potential customers more effectively, and boost conversions. ‍

AdRoll's pricing structure is designed to accommodate businesses of various sizes, offering both fixed and custom plans based on advertising spend and specific marketing needs.


Adzooma logo in blue text color and white background

Adzooma simplifies and enhances paid advertising campaigns for SaaS businesses through its AI-driven platform, offering campaign management, optimization, and automation tools across Google, Facebook, and Microsoft advertising. 

Its standout features include performance analysis, one-click optimizations, and customizable reporting, which help businesses save time, reduce costs, and improve ad effectiveness. Adzooma's advantages lie in its ability to provide actionable insights, streamline ad management processes, and allow for easy scaling of paid campaigns.

Explore Adzooma's pricing packages, featuring Free, Silver, and Gold tiers, offering options to suit different user requirements and budgets.

Adzooma offers a range of pricing options, including a free tier with essential features and premium plans that offer more advanced tools and capabilities.


adespresso logo in white background and blue text color

AdEspresso by Hootsuite streamlines paid advertising channel management for SaaS companies, offering a robust platform for creating, analyzing, and optimizing ads across Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads from a single dashboard. 

Its unique features include A/B testing capabilities, detailed analytics, and customizable campaign reports, which enable marketers to fine-tune their advertising strategies for maximum ROI. AdEspresso's advantages for SaaS marketing lie in its user-friendly interface,

Pricing includes various plans catering to different business sizes and needs, detailed on their website.

Pricing includes various plans catering to different business sizes and needs, detailed on their website.


Drift logo in capital letters white black text color

Drift revolutionizes SaaS marketing by optimizing paid advertising channels through conversational marketing and sales platforms. It stands out with features like AI-driven chatbots, personalized messaging, and targeted landing pages that engage visitors in real time, converting them into leads more effectively. 

Drift's platform directly connects marketing efforts and sales outcomes, leveraging real-time interactions to boost conversion rates from paid traffic.

Explore Drift's packages, offering Premium, Advanced, and Enterprise tiers, providing options suited for various business needs and scales.

While Drift tailors its pricing and plans to match the scale and needs of different businesses, specifics are provided upon consultation, emphasizing customization to each company's requirements.

Change Your SaaS Marketing Game With Automation

Embracing marketing automation tools is no longer optional for SaaS businesses. 

Marketing automation tools can transform your marketing strategies, improving efficiency and effectiveness, driving more revenue and increasing market share. 

Want to unlock the untapped potential of your marketing endeavors? Equip your SaaS business with the tools needed to thrive. 

If you want to learn to take full advantage of these tools, check out our SEO course.

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