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3 Marketing Ideas Everyone Should Steal From PepsiCo

February 20, 2021
3 Marketing Ideas Everyone Should Steal From PepsiCo

Ecosystem, clear brand values, and the 70/20/10 strategy

The Pepsi story fascinates global marketers every year. Since the Pepsi Generation campaign and Pepsi’s rise to fame, the soft drink company has become larger than life.

PepsiCo is twice the size of Coca-Cola, judging by yearly revenue and profits. The biggest drive in their system is not a fizzy cola drink. Pepsi has outstanding marketing, possibly the best the world has ever seen.

Maybe you have great content, but just miss that strategy to tie everything together. Whether you like Pepsi or not, you can agree that there is a lot to learn from the company.

What we’ll cover:

1. Marketing Ecosystems

Companies like Pepsi have many brands and products with excellent marketing campaigns in their portfolio. But we’re here to talk about Pepsi, the brand.

“It’s not only Facebook we’re partnering with because we’re trying to create an ecosystem rather than look at each platform independently,” says Micozzi.

Huge multinational corporations like Pepsi flood the media with the river of content each year. Agencies and influencers come together to produce promo material in all shapes and forms, short videos, infographics, illustrations, articles, mobile apps, etc. You name it; the Pepsi campaign has it.

2. Clear Brand Message

The lesson here is not just in multiple formats; it’s also in how the content is interlinked.

“Pepsi has always been a brand associated with enjoyment, from barbeques to baseball games, to meals with family and friends. And we know that our most loyal Pepsi drinkers take that enjoyment up a notch, so it is no surprise that they are more likely than non-Pepsi drinkers to belt out a karaoke song, binge-watch their favorite shows, or wear their team jerseys to a rival’s home game,” says Todd Kaplan, Vice President of Marketing at PepsiCo.

Pepsi’s marketing material connects in one precise brand message: The Pepsi audience likes to relax and have fun.

3. The 70/20/10 Marketing Strategy

The 70/20/10 sounds very much like another twist on Pareto’s principle, but it’s actually not. Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and other big corporations are funding marketing campaigns through this concept.

“We have a 70/20/10 approach, which means how we take the core to spend on media and drive effectiveness from that so that we can unlock 20–30% of the money that can be much more experimental. We are going to get from the 70% what we got from the 100% because we are doing it in a much more measured way,” says Tim Warner, Vice president of Insights and Analytics at PepsiCo.

The beauty in 70/20/10 is in the clear optimizations of the marketing budget and focus. The 70% of your content is traditional bread-and-butter. You know what works and you focus on it most of the time. The next 20% upgrades on a developed traditional part of the strategy. And the final 10% is an everything-goes-get-crazy-with-new-ideas part.

The 70/20/10 concept is effective for big corporations, but it can also help in creating private and smaller campaigns. You know when what, and how long to focus on individual parts of your promotion.

The Roundup

PepsiCo is ranking among the top 20 global corporations by influence, market shares, and revenue. PepsiCo is the perfect example of brilliant marketing, as the company is virtually unknown until the Pepsi Generation Campaign in 1963.

  • Create Content Ecosystems
  • Clear Brand Message in Your Content
  • The 70/20/10 approach

Seventy years after the original Pepsi drink has hit the markets, the company finally hits the golden goose with marketing in the 1960s. It has been associated with excellent campaigns ever since. You can swipe their approach to marketing to build a personal content business.


Written by yours truly, Toni Koraza

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