The Art of Conversions: Top 17 SaaS Landing Pages and Their Secrets

Toni Koraza
September 27, 2023
The Art of Conversions: Top 17 SaaS Landing Pages and Their Secrets

If you want to generate and convert high-quality leads, you'll need killer landing pages. 

This becomes even more important for SaaS businesses, where your product is mostly virtual. A single mistake, like an off-putting color or a poorly designed CTA button, can cost you valuable customers.

So, how do you create effective SaaS landing pages that captivate and convert? 

As the SaaS SEO agency, we've created countless stellar landing pages for our clients. In this guide, we’ll let you in on our secrets and strategies. 

What We'll Cover:

SaaS Landing Page: Definition 

A SaaS landing page is a standalone web page where visitors "land” after clicking on a link. The link is often placed in an email, PPC ad, social media, or similar places. 

The purpose behind a landing page could be various. It could be to get their email, get them to sign up on the tool, promote your ebook, or get them to follow you on social media. 

Still wondering if these pages are effective? Let's put your mind to rest: Companies with 31-40 landing pages get seven times more leads than those with 1-5 landing pages. 

Is it as simple as creating more landing pages? No. The key is to create quality landing pages. Let’s understand what that means.

What Constitutes an Effective SaaS Landing Page? 

A well-designed landing page can create a seamless path for visitors to subscribe to your product. Here are nine elements that make up an effective SaaS landing page. 

#1 Hero Section 

The hero section of your landing page, also known as the above-the-fold section, is what visitors see first when they click the link. Based on the content and design of this section, the visitor will decide whether to scroll down or act on the CTA. 

It generally contains a persuasive headline, a subheading, and a CTA. If you don’t get straight to the point in this section, you risk losing out on conversions. 

Here’s what the hero section looks like for this Slack landing page. 

Slack landing page

Image source 

#2 Product Tagline 

A SaaS landing page is incomplete without a product tagline. This tagline gives a brief overview of your product and what it does. This is especially important for landing pages, where the goal is to get users to subscribe to your tool. 

Most SaaS companies experiment with this product tagline to shortlist the best possible copy that demonstrates the product perfectly. 

For this landing page, Todoist has kept the tagline simple and to the point. 

Todoist landing page

Image source 

#3 Product Features and Benefits 

While not every landing page will need a detailed section of all the product features, it’s a great idea to have at least some features/benefits for each landing page. 

For example, if the landing page is about “project management for customer service teams,” ensure you highlight the different features/benefits relevant to customer service teams. 

Here’s how ClickUp does it.

ClickUp landing page

Image source 

#4 Logos of Your Biggest Clients 

Even a thousand companies use your product, visitors still seek external validation to trust your brand.

One way to satisfy this quest is by displaying the logos of your biggest clients. If you want to take it a step further, link these logos to in-depth case studies.

Adding this detail to your landing page makes your business more credible, giving visitors a powerful reason to subscribe to your tool. 

Here’s how Videowise showcases its most esteemed Shopify clients. 

Videowise landing page

Image source 

#5 Social Proof 

Social proof is another way to make visitors trust your business and take the desired action.

You can showcase social proof on your landing page in different manners, like displaying testimonials, popular success stories, publicity awards, user stats, star ratings, etc. Ensure that the social proof you display is relevant to the subject of the landing page. For example, if the landing page targets IT companies, showcase IT customer success stories instead of general ones. 

Look how Shopify displays its beauty clients on its beauty and cosmetics landing page. 

Shopify web landing page

Image source 

#6 Contact Form 

Some users may have unresolved queries and be deterred from signing up for your free trial. Instead of losing these users to your competitors, include a contact form on your landing page.  

This form will help capture leads still on the fence and might convert. Ensure you don’t ask for too many details at this stage; the basic email address and reason for contact should be enough. 

Here’s how Otter.ai showcases a “Contact sales” form on their landing page. 

Otter.ai web landing page

Image source 

#7 Demo Video 

Demo videos are a great way to show your product in action and address the pain points your users might have. You can also showcase your product’s best features or capabilities to attract and engage users. 

This is especially important for complex products that users may need help understanding. 

Many SaaS companies have also started experimenting with short demos instead of long videos that would take a lot of time. 

Look how Mailmodo features their top functionality on the landing page while they gently nudge the user to request a full demo through the pop-up below. 

Mailmondo landing page

Image source 

#8 Live Chat 

Few website visitors will be inclined to find your email address if they have any queries while visiting your page. 

If you offer live chat, making the same available for your landing pages is a good practice. You can use a chat feature to capture important information about your prospects. 

SocialPilot encourages visitors to look at their common answers to queries before utilizing the chat option. 

SocialPilot web landing page

Image source 

#9 Call-To-Action (CTA) Button 

While having multiple CTA buttons on your landing page is not recommended, ensure you have one solid one that’s clearly defined. You can create a sense of urgency by using persuasive language or setting up countdown timers to get people to click the button and increase your conversion rate. 

Here’s an example by Unbounce

Unbounce landing page

Top 17 SaaS Landing Pages That Nailed It 

Now that you know all the elements needed to create a successful landing page, here are powerful SaaS landing page examples. 

#1 MADX 

The MADX landing page

Image source 

MADX’s full landing page for SEO technical optimization adheres to all the best practices listed above. It demonstrates social proof with a list of clients who have worked with the agency and a strong “Read Success Stories” button in the hero section. 

It features customer testimonials at the end to build more trust and credibility.  We get straight to the point by highlighting how our agency will help the visitor optimize their website for SEO. 


  • A strong CTA button
  • Social Proof
  • A relevant FAQ section at the end
  • Effective copy

If you want us to design a similar effective landing page copy, contact our content marketing experts

#2 Airtable 

Airtable landing page

Image source  

Airtable, a low-code platform for building collaborative apps, has dedicated landing pages for its different solutions. The landing page for their marketing solution follows a minimal design yet covers everything the visitor needs to know. 

They also showcase top clients, like TIME, HubSpot, and Spotify. Airtable has implemented product screenshots throughout the page and an animated demo that makes for an interactive experience. 


  • A live chat option
  • The copy conveys the benefits and features perfectly
  • Demonstrates self-service resources
  • User stats that make a strong case for a subscription
  • Delivers product value clearly

#3 Monday.com 

Monday.com landing page

Image source 

Monday.com, a work management platform, ticks off all the good practices of a solid landing page. Their above-the-fold content is crisp, and it lets the visitors control their experience by selecting the functionalities they are interested in. 

The landing page also highlights the reviews and awards the brand has received. 

They also have an FAQ section at the end to engage those visitors who still might have doubts and may need them resolved before they take the next step. 


  • Product screenshots against features
  • A focused CTA
  • Ability to personalize the page
  • Strong social proof

#4 WeTransfer 

WeTransfer landing page

Image source 

WeTransfer, a popular internet-based file transfer service, creates a landing page that is unique and creative. It focuses on microcopy and animation to draw and engage the visitors. It also allows visitors to interact with the animation and look further. 

The purpose of the landing page is clear. The white dialog box attracts attention and allows visitors to take the desired action - uploading their files.

Another unique aspect is that the landing page is a single page, which makes it more focused. 


  • To the point copy
  • A single CTA button
  • Interactive animation

#5 Asana  

Asana web landing page

Image source 

Asana, a project management software, gets full marks regarding great color selection and design, with the muted background tone making the CTA button stand out. They have also added popular companies choosing the tool, making Asana stand out in the visitor’s mind. This can be a great example of utilizing social proof for comparative landing pages. 

They also provide a full-feature detailed comparison table and common FAQ questions that a visitor might have. This makes their landing page look more personalized. 


  • Strong social proof
  • Product screenshots
  • Actionable headlines
  • Highlighted features
  • Inclusion of real human photographs

#6 Miro 

Miro landing page

Image source 

Miro, a visual collaboration platform, uses a muted color tone for the background that draws the headline and copy. It also serves as a contrasting effect with the CTA button that is blue (a cool color). 

Their product screenshot at the top also shows the tool in action and gives visitors a sneak peek into what they can expect. They have also embedded mini-product animations to show different features and functionalities. 


  • Animated product demo
  • Social proof
  • Simple and effective design
  • List of integrations
  • Streamlined list of relevant features

#7 Figma 

Figma landing page

Image source 

Figma, a collaborative interface design tool, uses contrasting tones perfectly for its Enterprise landing page. The CTAs, copy, and features on this landing page are a great example of personalization done right, as they are all geared toward enterprise customers. 

They have also included certain success stories that are perfect for enterprise-level prospects. The resources mentioned are also more in-depth than a typical B2C landing page. 

The social proof section gives another reason for visitors to act on the CTA, making it one of the best SaaS landing pages. 


  • Clearly demonstrated value
  • Simple choice of colors and design
  • Social proof
  • Personalized and targeted copy
  • A streamlined list of integrations

#8 Shopify 

Shopify web landing page

Image source 

Shopify, an ecommerce SaaS business, creates a simple yet effective landing page to help visitors start their online business with the tool. Unlike other examples, they use a colored background for its above-the-fold section. 

They have also stuck to a brief headline and subheading instead of a lengthy one, which is perfect for its audience (business owners). 

They also promote their different free tools that might be helpful to the visitor. The section on free resources adds more value to the visitor. 


  • Thematic pattern and color palette
  • Customer testimonials
  • Short and actionable copy
  • Step-by-step features/tool list
  • Focused on a primary CTA

#9 Semrush 

SEMrush landing page

Image source 

Semrush, a platform that provides various SEO tools, creates landing pages that are comprehensive yet easy on the eyes. They use a combination of black, white, and orange to give a minimalistic look to their pages. 

They also showcase product screenshots alongside the different features to show how the tool works. Their CTAs are all geared towards encouraging visitors to subscribe to their tool.


  • Simple layout
  • Minimal use of colors
  • CTA buttons integrated after each feature
  • Internal links to key resources on their website
  • Use of bullet points instead of long paragraphs

#10 SurveySparrow 

SurveySparrow landing page

Image source 

SurveySparrow, an online survey platform, has created a series of landing pages for the different industries it serves. Their landing page for the education industry is comprehensive and provides every detail a visitor might need to sign up. 

It breaks down the tool’s features to suit the education industry and makes the experience more targeted. This makes the entire experience more personalized and increases conversions. You can even see the landing page having an option to ask for a detailed demo. 


  • A single CTA button
  • Makes use of clever exit pop-ups
  • Gives the target audience detailed information without overwhelming them
  • Customer testimonials as social proof

#11 Canva 

Canva landing page

Image source 

Canva, a design tool, creates landing pages that look aesthetic and nudges the users to try their product to create their own aesthetic designs. Their custom photo collage maker landing page starts with a brief heading and subheading that portrays the tool’s benefits. 

They also highlight the features along with relevant graphics that display what the tool can do for the visitor. Another good aspect of this landing page is the way it includes a template collage library at the end to prompt the user to take immediate action and start creating.  


  • Strong social proof with brand logos of companies 
  • Easily navigable list of features
  • A CTA at the end of each feature collection
  • A step-by-step guide on how to get started
  • An FAQ section at the end

#12 InVision 

Invision landing page

Image source 

InVision, the online whiteboard and productivity platform, targets individual departments in an organization. As such, they have landing pages for each department. The landing page for product teams showcases the important features and functions that any product team might need. 

The light interface with large and black-colored text creates an impact and makes their message stand out. The page also showcases resources that a visitor might want to check out.


  • Free resources
  • Good use of white space
  • Social proof with testimonial
  • Personalized copy

#13 Bitly 

Bitly web landing page

Image source 

Bitly, a URL shortening service and link management platform, created a text-heavy landing page that still does not overwhelm the readers. Thanks to prominent white space and illustrations, it creates a pleasant navigation experience. They also use bullet points instead of long paragraphs. 

Their landing page has one CTA, so users aren’t confused about what to do next. The way the page showcases testimonials and social proof is also exemplary. 

  • High-contrast CTA button
  • Single-focused CTA
  • Strong social proof
  • A streamlined list of prominent features

#14 Wistia 

Wistia landing page

Image source 

Wistia, a video marketing platform, creates an appealing landing page for its video editing feature. Their hero section shows a short demo of the feature, and their heading gets all the marks for being engaging and witty. 

Their copy is top-notch as they explain how you don’t need to spend hours editing a video when you can get it done in minutes. They also couple their feature descriptions with screenshots. The best part? The landing page provides all the necessary information without stretching on for too long. 

  • A single-focus CTA
  • Colorful background that matches the vibrancy of their tool
  • Clever copy
  • A chatbox for instant query resolution

#15 Loom 

Loom web landing page

Image source 

Loom, a video communication software, showcases the millions of people using their tool right below the hero section for this landing page. It shows the product in action by the features listed on the page. 

All of their CTAs are targeted towards a free trial or contacting their sales team. It also does a good job of balancing the text with visuals to create a great user experience. 


  • Product visuals
  • Contrasting CTA buttons
  • Strong social proof
  • Internal links to other relevant pages

#16 Moz 

Moz landing page

Image source 

Moz, an online SEO platform, hooks prospects with a snappy yet promising headline that makes visitors want to scroll down. This landing page talks about their different tools, so it makes sense for them to use multiple CTAs to help the users navigate to the tools they need.  

The best part? Because they have a range of tools, they have inculcated reviews between the sections so the users don’t have to scroll till the end to witness some social proof. 


  • Effective copy
  • A balance between text and visuals
  • Social proof
  • Product screenshots

#17 ExpressVPN 

ExpressVPN landing page

Image source 

ExpressVPN, an anonymous VPN service, does a great job of creating an effective landing page that appeals to various audiences. If you notice the CTA, they have done a great job embedding social proof. 

The entire copy is made so that it appeals to gamers. Also, they have created subpages for all popular games to target buyer personas with specific interests. 


  • Strong social proof
  • A FAQ section at the end
  • Personalized content
  • Micro-segmentation
  • Different sections for different functions/purpose

Craft Your Landing Pages Today

There’s no rocket science to creating an impactful landing page that converts. It starts with getting the basic elements right: an aesthetic balance, persuasive copy, social proof, and creating a clear CTA.

You can perform A/B testing to shortlist the best design, or you can study your competitor’s landing pages and see what they are doing well -- and where you can capitalize. 

If you’re unsure or need experts to create these landing pages, reach out to us at MADX.  

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