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10 Marketing Trends Businesses Can’t Ignore in 2024

February 26, 2024
10 Marketing Trends Businesses Can’t Ignore in 2024

The digital space has been through the biggest transformation yet this year.

Businesses joined the digital space during the COVID-19 pandemic in record numbers. Even though life have been slowly opening up, most business owners have already noticed how much they’ve actually benefited from the transition.

As a marketer, keeping up with visual changes is not easy, no matter what level you are on, we all know that. But in order to really succeed and stay ahead of the game, it is crucial that you are on top of all the trends so that you can maintain relevance with the space you work in, and with your audience. 

It is not a choice whether you will adopt the marketing trends- it is a question of survival. 

Here you will be able to find the top 10 marketing trends that will be necessary to implement in 2024. Knowing these trends will help you find the best ways to expand your bottom line this year.

What we’ll cover:

1. Influencer marketing, yet again

women showing light on her cake and smiling at the camera in front of pink background

This is not a surprise. Major companies are still keeping influencers on the top of their list. Among surveyed companies, 34% said that they are making this marketing tactic a priority, as well as short video clips. 

However, the combination of influencer marketing and short video clips is dominating the internet in 2024. Name a more iconic duo.

You really don't have to have millions of followers to become an influencer that brings value to a company. In fact, micro-influencers have grew more popular as they foster higher engagement with their community members. A micro-influencer can be defined as a person who has a higher following than the average Joe on social media, but much less than a celebrity. 

In order to be a micro-influencer, you should have at least 10,000 followers. 

2. Interactive Content Marketing

A girl with shopping bags using phone with blue background

All power to the buyers. 

In 2024 it is buyers are going to be more independent in their journey and they do not want to feel like they are being "sold" something, but rather the decision being theirs. 

The best way to do this is for marketers to really be smart on who they chose to present their brand and in which way they will be "selling it". 

That is why influencer marketing simply works. Buyers feel like a friend is making a recommendation and they are much more likely to purchase something that their friends use. 

3. New Methods Of Teamwork And Collaboration

A group of people on a wooden table and laptops

We all know that the pandemic has completely changed the way that we work. 

Our workplace is not a location anymore, it's a mindset. For some that can be even more challenging. 

"Driven by the impact of Covid, the work environment will continue to be redefined. The impact on the market is huge. Employers need to be creative in blending productivity and employee needs; those who will thrive will seek new ways of accomplishing “work” and different methods of teamwork and collaboration."

Leeza Hoyt,The Hoyt Organization, Inc.

4. Video-Based Streaming

a close up of a cell phone near a microphone on a table in a room

Video marketing is very big in 2024. 

There are different types of streaming channels, such as paid and unpaid ones. You have to see what your target audience uses the most. 

Paid subscriptions are used for accessing content from streaming companies or networks via the internet (like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, or Apple TV). It may or may not include ads. 

Unpaid ones such as subscription-free platforms are used for accessing ad-supported content from streaming companies or networks via the internet (like Pluto TV, Amazon IMDb TV, or Facebook Watch). Another popular unpaid one that you have probably seen a lot of recently is Video Game Live Streaming, which is live footage of gamers playing video games streamed to an online audience (like Amazon Twitch, Facebook Gaming, or YouTube). Consumers of these spend a minimum of 5 hours per week watching streamers. 

5. Easy content 

a woman sitting at a table next to a man in headphones on while looking at a microphone

More than 55% of Americans listen to podcasts while traveling or commuting.

This is a great way to sneak in marketing messages. Think about it, more than half of Americans listen to podcasts. That's a pretty high number. Also, using visuals and avoiding paragraphs of information can allow users to consume information within 10-15 sec. Though Gen-Z doesn't completely occupy the working population, it certainly dominates social media.

Targeting them with graphic designs and pictorials can lead you to success. 

6. Tapping into search engine optimization (SEO) to drive traffic

table laptop on it and someone pointing to the monitor showing graphs

SEO is another marketing trend that cannot be avoided this year.

With the emergence of privacy laws and the crumbling of internet cookies, SEO has already become one of the top marketing channels in 2024. The industry was set to turn over $80 billion this year –  more than football or music, for comparison.

A good way to check your competitor's webpage and see the words that they have used in their online content. You could see how well they rank, and then try to recreate better types of content.

If you’re a SaaS company, read the breakdown of this high-impact strategy that can jumpstart your SEO rankings with minimal effort.

7. VR and AR

young woman holding virtual reality headset on blue background in studio, pointing her finger up

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are often mixed in the same bag but are in fact, different technologies. 

It isn't easy to separate the two because they can be used for one another's purposes. VR usually consists of simulations or digital worlds that you can see and get immersed in, while AR uses digital information overlaying physical information to make a virtual environment that you can interact with. 

A well-known example is Meta, which will become a successor of social media. On their website, it says: "3D spaces in the metaverse will let you socialize, learn, collaborate and play in ways that go beyond what we can imagine." In the metaverse, you will be able to have a complete digital transformation. You will have multiple channels to explore yourself in the digital world, such as educating yourself, exercising, having social connections, you will be able to do gaming, building responsibility, etc. 

Even though artificial intelligence such as virtual and augmented reality may seem distant to us, this is a digital marketing trend that will for sure dominate the future. 

8. Short Video Content 

As mentioned in trend #1, short video content is going to be huge this year. Short videos are considered to be from 1-10 seconds long

We can see those types of videos on social media platforms such as Instagram Stories, TikTok (the name is basically counting seconds), and Snapchat. Our attention span, according to Microsoft is 8 seconds. The reason why short video content is trendy is because of social media. With some brands having ads as little as 2 seconds, it is up to marketers to come up with short and sweet marketing content videos that will have a precise and clear message but with very few words. 

This is pretty challenging, especially because people are bombarded through social media with content, and feel like they have "seen it all". When you think about your own social media, how fast do you scroll onto the next thing if it doesn't immediately catch your eye? 

9. The comeback of experiential marketing 

Experiential marketing campaigns enable audiences to step into an immersive experience that is often in a physical place or via an AR/VR platform.

With the feeling that everything is digital in 2024, it is important to add some real-life marketing campaigns, as we are emotional and social beings after all. This is a crucial factor as it builds additional credibility and loyalty as a brand. Pop-up settings are probably the most popular. As the world reopened after lockdown, brands took tentative steps to re-engage with consumers away from screens through flexible formats such as the ever-popular pop-up. Also, a pop-up is an opportunity to have a first-hand experience with consumer behavior. It is a great way to see your target audience and get valuable feedback. 

10. Presenting Data with Infographics 

a person pointing to the chart

Infographics not only have the appeal of a nice photo, they're also packed with helpful data and informative information. This makes them incredibly engaging to web visitors and social media audiences alike. Infographics are an easy and fun way to go share information that is accessible all in one place. According to research,38% of marketers plan to leverage infographics for the first time in 2024, while 45% of marketers are already using them. These are most popular on pages such as Pinterest, and Instagram, however, it is a new trend that will dominate on other social media platforms throughout this year. 

Use these trends to your advantage 

If you can't keep up with all of them, don't worry. 

However, they will serve you in your content strategy, and make you boost your brand image because your audience will appreciate that you are keeping up with the latest trends in order to satisfy them. 

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