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We create, enhance and oversee your Google Search PPC campaigns to increase the number of users on your SaaS product.

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How we scale content marketing for SaaS

Keyword Research

We help you find the best keywords for your SaaS Google Search PPC campaigns by analysing the industry, competitors, and target audience to identify relevant and high-volume keywords. We use advanced research tools to ensure your ads target the right audience and drive conversions.

Account Setup

We structure your PPC ad accounts to align with your overall SaaS strategy. This includes organising campaigns and ad groups based on product offerings, target audience, and goals.

By structuring your PPC ad accounts in this way, we can ensure that your ads reach the right audience and that the budget is allocated effectively. We also use advanced tracking and optimisation techniques to monitor performance and adjust as needed to drive better results.

Overall, our approach to structuring your PPC ad accounts is designed to help you achieve your desired outcomes and optimise the return on your ad spend.

Campaign Optimization

We optimise your campaign keyword bids and ad copy to ensure that your ads reach the right audience and drive conversions. This includes fine-tuning bids to ensure they align with your budget and goals and adjusting based on performance data. We also review and optimise ad copy to ensure it is compelling and includes a clear call-to-action.

Continuous Improvement

We continually monitor your ad accounts to optimise performance and reach your goals. We analyse data, adjust campaigns, and use advanced tracking tools to ensure ads reach the right audience and drive conversions. We provide regular updates and adjust as needed to achieve better results and achieve your desired outcomes.


Why SaaS companies love MADX

  • Dennis

    CEO @ Postalytics

    "Introducing the team at MADX into our SEO strategy has been a life saver. With their research & writing, we now consistently rank in Google for ICP-specific queries."

  • Arthur

    Co-Founder @ Parcel Tracker

    "My main priority is to grow our businesses revenue. MADX has been fundamental to growing our user acquisition through SEO, which hugely impacts our bottom line."


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