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Postaltyics is revolutionary direct mail software.

It's an automated direct mail platform that lets marketers send personalized postcards and letters as easily as an email. Postaltyics works with a network of printers in the United States and Canada to print, mail, and track every piece of mail that is sent. You can personalize postcards and letters, as well as integrate with your CRM like HubSpot, Salesforce, or more!

What we've done

1. Strategic discovery

2. Search engine optimization strategy

3. Page optimization and technical upgrades

4. Landing page design, creation, and maintenance

5. Planned social media content creation and maintenance

6. Press releases, backlinking, promotion, and product launches

‍The results?

Postalytics is a fantastic SaaS to begin with. So, we were beyond honored to help this SaaS wonder unpack its rich story.

To begin with, we had to find a way to deliver all the features and possibilities in a form their audience can understand. Spilling all the beans at once would be overwhelming for anyone. So, we broke it down in bite-size chunks, each delivering value to the reader.

We have carefully built, designed, and delivered the story across dozens of landing pages. Each one targets a specific industry, persona, or event. Our social media, PR, and the backlinking team have supported each page with off-site articles, infographics, and other content.

  • Initial results for the first 3 months
  • From 3,499 to 7,400 organic monthly visitors
  • 30+ Landing Pages Published and 4 blog articles
  • DR50, 1,400 backlinks, 95 referring domains
  • Press coverage in global media outlets

Postalytics asked us to help

β€” Develop, create, and maintain the landing pages

β€” Increase organic traffic and improve SEO rankings

β€” Create press buzz around launching new products

β€” Build, market, and maintain Social Media resources

β€” Match their bold vision to the look and experience of the website

β€” Provide a feedback loop that will help the product team iterate faster

Creating landing pages and generating backlinks was crucial for the results delivered in the first 3 months of our partnership.