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David Bach is a beloved American author. He's almost like a personal fiduciary for the masses. You know, a person who helps you make better financial decisions.

The above line is a gross oversimplification. Let us try this again. David is a 10x New York Times bestselling author, with more than seven million books in circulation. Oh yeah, those are ten consecutive best-selling books. You can only imagine the size of that audience.

But nothing beats a good challenge!

Helping David with his podcast was nothing short of remarkable. We have worked together with his team on some of his latest and greatest episodes, helping more people discover David's work.

What we've done

1. Summarised episodes

2. Dug up relevant resources

3. Wrote copy for his episodes


We've got work to do

David was slowly trying to retire in Italy.

So, we joined forces with his team to help write the sweetest goodbye-show notes one podcast could handle. Like in this eye-watering and beyond inspiring episode with Jamie Kern Lima.


David Bach asked us to help

— Help wrap up David's life work

— Create show notes that people want to read

— Replicate David's voice in writing to help take stuff off his busy schedule

Creating show notes with clear and targeted messaging was a crucial step in increasing the reach of David's words.